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Thanks to all that took a look at my little problem, I guess this issue is too specific.
Anyway, since my last post, the little hisses that I used to have with WASAPI and Audioengine D1 prior to updating to Foobar 1.4 beta-2 are back. So, my question from previous post is no longer important.

I have concluded that Audioengine D1 DAC has problem with WASAPI. Kind of disappointing, I guess D1 is just a way to move RCA cables away from the computer, a pre-amp for speakers/headphones and a volume knob. 
Search for a new DAC is on.
I never thought they did.  I just didn't realize that Columns UI wasn't working right before, and it's why I'm recreating my themes in Columns UI using the same settings I'd been using in Default UI.  That way, they'll be saved as .fth files for Default UI AND as .fcl files for Columns UI.  And now that Columns UI is working right for me, I'm enjoying greater control I have over how foobar2k looks.

To clarify a bit, previously, when Columns UI was not working for me, the Columns UI part of the navigation in the Preferences window was merely showing as a copy of the Default UI tab, but with a tooltip stating that it was a legacy window.  Nothing in those tabs was functional, so I had incorrectly assumed that the whole section was merely legacy forms that simply hadn't been removed yet.  Now I know that was wrong and that they should have been functional forms which should have looked different from the Default UI forms all along.  So, previously it appeared that they shared forms; ie same input and input locations, different UIs that it outputted to, based on whether or not Columns UI was installed and enabled.
Those two components don't share themes. You can only use one of them at a time, as well.
Well, after randomly checking boxes, finding ones that worked, and then reading an old blog post posted about 8 years ago, I've figured out my issue.  As it turns out, I had previously created themes in Default UI, as Columns UI wasn't working right for me (though I didn't realize it wasn't working right, as I had experienced what Columns UI was supposed to do when working right).  This latest update somehow fixed Columns UI or allowed it to work as intended, which meant that my foobar2k settings were trying to use whatever theme I'd created for Columns UI, and when that didn't work (I hadn't created any Columns UI themes for it to use), it simply used my last color, font, and other theme choices as a fallback.

I will take a good bit of switching tabs, but now that I know what happened, I can simply recreate my Default UI themes in Columns UI.  I hope this thread helps anyone else who has the same problem I had after the Jan 12, 2018 update.

Thank goodness I was avoiding the uninstall/reinstall option as long as I could in hopes of a reply from someone who knew what to do in this case, and simply going nuts with random settings changes out of hopelessness and boredom...

And thanks to whoever made the update and fixed a problem I didn't realize I had.
Please re-download foo_midi.

Note that I did not bump the version numbers for these changes, since if it worked, you don't need to reinstall it, and if it didn't work, you obviously need to fetch the .fb2k-component file manually.
Okay, tried that, but it just ends up giving me the same error popup as before.

Code: [Select]
Failed to load DLL: foo_midi.dll
Reason: Unknown error code (317)
General - (fb2k) / Re: Group By - Albums of same name
Last post by j7n -
I use those fields too, but do not wish to display them in the main playlist view because I find that the album list looks cleaner with only artist and album, and if all entries have similar, compact length.

I do not find a "query". The only method of customizing the groups is under Playlist View. The display "pattern" is all there is.

Here is what I see after dragging albums into from the media library. Releases get merged under same group, even if they differ by various properties: cat.number, medium, release type, or declipped processing performed. I think these manually split albums look nicer, and it is obvious what the difference is by looking at the tracklist or the selection properties box.

But after posting here, I realized a couple of obvious things. 1) I can use a custom tag field with no contents to split off releases manually. 2) And that the "checksum" is an indirect, awkward method. Forget I mentioned it.

A better way would be to add a "query" value for each custom grouping preset in addition to the "display pattern", kinda like Standard Sort Patterns work. I can specify a long list of fields to sort by. If they are present, they are taken into account during sorting, if not, they do not show up anywhere. Then a script could pick up all differences automatically.
Audio Hardware / Re: Crown amplifiers for home audio?
Last post by eagleray -
I saw that low voltage spec.  Makes no sense to call it a preamp.
Off-Topic / Re: Help regarding understanding Forensic Report
Last post by doon -
Ok sir
Off-Topic / Re: Help regarding understanding Forensic Report
Last post by kode54 -
How about you wait a few days for someone to reply to your topic?