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Got a soldering iron?

I honestly don't know how the jack secured in that DAC but I will tell you if you know how to take things apart and put them back together without breaking them and know how to solder it might be small afternoon project that takes a few hours at the most.    Maybe a little hot glue does the trick instead of soldering in that case?

As for the worrying part?  Um.  Does it work just fine or is it kind fickle when the jack moves?  How loose is it?  Does it feel like you could rip the jack out when you remove the headphones?  If you answer yes to any that you should worry, but is seems you answered no, so maybe you don't have to worry.  Just keep an eye on things for a while to see if you notice any issues crop up.
Just noticed that my idsd nano's headphone jack wiggles around internally when I move the plug around. It used to be solid. It still holds my plug in well enough (not as tight as it used to) and I don't experience any audio issues when wobbling it around, but could this progress to, well... broken? I think I tripped over the cable once or twice.
I have already been working on it a little, I chose to use mpc quality 10 (highest)
Using foobar to convert from flac
Hope I made the right decision

MPC is generally transparent ( by design) at --quality 5 and even lower setting --quality 4.x can be very decent for portable use. Going lower than that it starts to show its limits and there are new codecs like aac, opus, vorbis ..

Anyway I was going to tell you before the other made a big noise over nothing:  Do a listening test of several tracks and start at --quality 5.  If you don't care for very high bitrate then --quality 10 without listening test is fine. Anything over --quality 7 is usually considered excessive .
All by yourself, as relatively easy as it really is, most people resist doing proper listening tests. I just got called a bunch of dirty names for politely pointing that out on another thread. But know it or not, you signed up to agree to that when you registered here. Please see TOS 8.

I didn't realise that I'd taken sides. I thought I'd deliberately been libertarian about the whole thing; not offending anyone or poking any cages by sitting on the fence. Now I'm being chastised for it?


Because of my own experiences, I don't try to tell anyone which side of the fence to sit on, that's up to them. I am happy for anyone to believe what they like until science changes its mind and proves otherwise.

It may not have been your intention, but proclaiming there are 2 sides and implying they're equivalent when the science is well established is a well known and tired cliche of science deniers. We see it regarding global warming, medicine, biology (evolution especially), and yes, even audio. It's the false equivalence fallacy.
I have already been working on it a little, I chose to use mpc quality 10 (highest)
Using foobar to convert from flac
Hope I made the right decision
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by WilB -
I don't use UPnP, and don't currently have a suitable test set-up to check whether it's possible or what might be involved. It also seems that foo_upnp development has ceased.
General Audio / Re: PonoMusic Is Dead.. All Hail Xstream!
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When it comes to high res, the record industry is still broken.  The industry was such that even when I wanted to remaster some of the great performances from my artist friends at high res, Pono had to pay thousands of dollars for each recording, with little expectation of getting the money back. Record companies believe they should charge a premium for high res recordings and conversely, I believe all music should cost the same, regardless of the technology used.

Therefore we need new, more expensive, proprietary technology available from a single source. Makes sense to me. :)
Dynamic range doubles when you add one more bit because you now have twice as many values you can produce.

Pcm spaces values uniformly in amplitude such that all levels are equally encoded. There are formats that space them non-uniformly, mostly as a means of lossy compression.
General Audio / Re: PonoMusic Is Dead.. All Hail Xstream!
Last post by Shinsekai -
The artists would allow their fans to hear what they hear in the studios, and the music lovers would hear the music the best it could be.
Bullshit Never Sleeps
FYI, the only thing that buildC changes is the slope of the bit allocation by 1/64 bit per Bark. In practice, we end altering the LF vs HF balance by the equivalent of 1.5 dB SNR. So HF get more bits, at the expense of the LF. buildE was trying to be fancier about how to do it (depending on the context), but it doesn't seem like it worked.