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File Operation Copy - Auto Close?


I want to achieve the following: I browse through a list of MP3 files, if I like one, I want to press a keyboard shortcut and copy that file to a destination folder.

I already made a shortcut to File operations -> Copy file to. My problem is: when  I do this, and press run, the dialog stays open. Staying open would not be a problem, but as soon as I select another file in my list, and press my shortcut, the new file is not added to the Copy file to Windows.

So at the moment, I need to press the shortcut, run the job, and close the Window, which I find really inconvenient. Is there a trick to make the windows automatically close after the copy process has finished? Or at least to add the new copy job to the exisiting open Window?

Re: File Operation Copy - Auto Close?

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There are several ways you can do what you want without making changes to existing components. You could for example drag the file you like to a temporary playlist and copy all the tracks in one go once you are done checking them. Or you could use foo_run component to copy the file without any visible dialogs.

Re: File Operation Copy - Auto Close?

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Thanks, can you give me a hint how this could be achieved using foo_run? Copy the currently selected song to a defined folder?


Re: File Operation Copy - Auto Close?

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Add a new run service with descriptive label, for example Copy to <path>. At the Path syntax string enter 'cmd.exe /c copy /y "%path%" "<path>"', without the single quotes. For example to copy to C:\Temp use string:
cmd.exe /c copy /Y "%path%" "C:\Temp\"

Make sure to tick the Minimize button and drag the simultanous runs slider to the right until it says Unlimited.

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