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[Minor UI Glitch] Tab Label's Text

I'm not sure if it's a desired behavior but you can see the letters ('g' or 'y') are a bit masked.

System Settings:
Resolution: 3820x2160
Screen Diagonal: 15.6"
Scale: 250%
Windows 10, 1809

Re: [Minor UI Glitch] Tab Label's Text

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Is this intended by design?

Re: [Minor UI Glitch] Tab Label's Text

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Probably not intended. Might it be a side-effect of 250% scaling? Which font are you using for Tabs in foobar preferences? You could try another font perhaps.

Re: [Minor UI Glitch] Tab Label's Text

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The Default Font, the font Option for Tabs isn't even enabled. (I think the Default is Segoe UI)

Re: [Minor UI Glitch] Tab Label's Text

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Bug confirmed, thanks for reporting.

However, it's not foobar2000 that is to blame, it's the standard Windows tab control which handles the text display and truncates the bottom of your letters - verified with other instances of the tab control. Any other app using the standard tab control will get the same bug.

I'll see if there's some way to work around (short of inventing own tab control....) this but don't keep your hopes up.

Re: [Minor UI Glitch] Tab Label's Text

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I had a look at mine with Segoe UI and nothing is cut off, I can see the bottom of the 'g' correctly on a non-active tab.

As a point of comparison, my Windows display scaling is 125% and I'm on Windows 10 v1803, and Segoe UI Regular font is version 5.55. I wonder if it might be the same issue that is effecting rating stars on 1809 or at least a similar glitch that was introduced.


Re: [Minor UI Glitch] Tab Label's Text

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Note: bug verified on Windows 10 1803 with 250% text size. From the looks of it it's an old problem (classic Windows controls incompatible with large text sizes) rather than a new one.

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