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Strange result in CTDB after ripping

I tried to rip a cd with EAC and, according to CTDB, all tracks are accurately ripped, except one, and the result of this track is:
(134/137) Differs in 540 samples @02:06:11,02:06:36-02:06:37,02:06:62-02:06:63,02:07:00-02:07:01,02:08:29-02:08:30,02:08:42-02:08:43,02:08:69,02:09:06-02:09:07,02:09:19-02:09:20,02:09:46,02:09:72,02:10:10.
What does it mean? 134/137 rips (including mine) are "wrong"? It seems very strange. I add that the CD has no audible problems.
Could you help me to understand?
Thank you.

Re: Strange result in CTDB after ripping

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It means that 134 of 137 agree on a result that is different from yours.

Likely you should repair it using CUETools, but: what is the accuraterip status, and where are the track boundaries?
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