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compatibility with windows server2008 [moderation: read pinned topics]

yesterday I installed windows server2008 standard on my notebook. when I started foobar2000, it warned that the following plugins are not compatible with this version of Windows:

foo_uie_trackinfo.dll(EDIT: already solved)

does anyone have a solution to this? or any other plugins to get similar features?

my system environment:
windows server2008 with SP1, NET Framework 3, qWave and Desktop Experience component
foobar2000 0.9.6 beta 4
and the two plugins are also the latest.


compatibility with windows server2008 [moderation: read pinned topics]

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Windows Server 2008 has similar core as Windows Vista. Thus, people have cried about these problems before, but with "Vista" instead of "WS2008" - see the official "0.9.6 beta" thread or topics of the individual components.
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