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Topic: foo_input_vio2sf: obscure Columns UI-related crash, no crash report (Read 506 times) previous topic - next topic
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foo_input_vio2sf: obscure Columns UI-related crash, no crash report

Apologies if there is already a dedicated thread for the 2SF Decoder, though I couldn't find one linked here, nor by searching. Using the latest installation and component.

After some trial & error I believe I have narrowed down the origin of a crash bug related to the Columns UI "Item Details" panel and this component (and possibly others, but I've only noticed this happen in association with 2SFs so far.)

In order to replicate the problem, grab a fresh portable installation of foobar2000, install the 2SF Decoder and Columns UI, set the UI to Columns UI and add two or more blank/empty Item Details panels to your interface somewhere (the default Item Details settings seem to not cause problems in my experience so far.) Then up/down arrow through a playlist of 2SF files (just two is fine.) The application exits without notification or crash report.

Short of removing Item Details panels from my interface, any idea what's happening and what can be done about this?


Re: foo_input_vio2sf: obscure Columns UI-related crash, no crash report

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You'll have to PM me some 2SF sets, I cannot reproduce any crash with the Item Details pane and the latest 2SF decoder. Preferably 2SF sets which trigger the crash reliably.

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