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Reel To Reel Revival

… But Acoustic Sounds does it the honest way and, lately, is further removing the boundaries between the master tape and the consumer’s ears. “We’re starting to sell reel-to-reel tape. That’ll get you real damn close,” Kassem says. As he explains, a one-off tape copy is the best format out there, followed by a 45 RPM cut, a 33 RPM cut, and a high-resolution download successively. That said, “If you use the original master — if it’s a good recording, and you’ve got the best mastering engineers doing it — that should get you close.”

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Re: Reel To Reel Revival

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Reel2Reel can be done at home, in your garage, your office.
No pressing plant needed.


- buy one/two Studer/Revox/Pioneer/Technics/Akai Reel2Reel-Machines
- buy a Laptop
- buy decent DAC (e.g. Topping)
- buy generic Tape
- buy generic Boxes
- get Licence from Copyright owner
- get PCM 24/96, DSF, DFF Files
- design Covers
- order professional printed cover as stickers for the Boxes.
- wait for customer order
- start copying PCM to Reel2Reel
- apply cover stickers to boxes
- Write invoice 500$   :D
- Ship Tapes