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It seems that Opus lacks lossless cutting support. Sometimes it is a very useful thing. Now I'm using Ogg Vorbis, and I use vcut.exe to cut long periods of silence at the end of a track, and to split a file to several files when the source file had several tracks inside. It works really lossless for Vorbis when vcut is used, I had checked it.

Is there any solution for these tasks for Opus? It would be nice to have opuscut.exe in addition to opusenc.exe/opusdec.exe/opusinfo.exe in the Opus Tools bundle.

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Oh, it seems that there is a topic with the same subject:,113498.0.html. Maybe it is better to join these topics.

I see that there is a solution, but I think that it will be much better to include such tool into the Opus Tools bundle. But there is no such plans for the future :(