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General - (fb2k) / Tag sort order
Last post by ednewtonsv -

I'm new to Foobar and working my way through understanding how to us it.
I have mostly classical music where there is a clear distinction between the composer
the performer and the orchestra.  I tagged some rips from my old vinyl LP's and they
don't sort right. I'm using Columns-UI.
Instructions say that %ARTIST% will also check these other tags:
as well as ARTIST
This causes much confusion.

How do I cause it to check ARTIST only and ignore the others?
I tried $meta(ARTIST) and also $meta(ARTIST) but apparently that's not where the checking is done.

Thanks for any help !!!
General - (fb2k) / How do I permanently make foobar2000 my default audio player in Windows 8.1?
Last post by camartinez1229 -
I'm currently using 1.4 beta 9, but have observed the following issue in all versions I've used ever since I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to 8.1 a few months ago:

Every time I double click on an audio file in Windows Explorer, I get a dialog asking me, "How do you want to open this file?", and offering me to "Keep using foobar2000" as the first choice, under a checkbox (that is checked) to use this app for all files of the type in question (OGG, MP3, etc.). How do I make this dialog go away forever? It comes up every time I double click an audio file type I've associated with foobar2000. As far as I can recall, no other program has exhibited this behavior. This also never happened under Windows 7.

I was previously using foobar2000 in portable mode. But, in trying to fix this issue, I've since switched to using an installed version. No difference. The program already has all the defaults I want it to have in Windows' Default Programs in the Control Panel.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?
General Audio / Re: iTunes omits first song from each imported .m3u8 playlist
Last post by bbobe26 -
Any difference if you add # or #m3ustuff as first line? Also a potencial BOM issue of some sort.

Adding #M3USTUFF as a new first line when viewing the playlist in Notepad worked. All playlists now imported into iTunes successfully and included the first song. Thank you for the suggestion. I am assuming I could have put any letters and numbers after the # sign, but I just kept it at #M3USTUFF for consistency. lol

(edited for wording)
Last post by saratoga -

You've said they all support Opus. I checked Apple for example and do not see Opus anywhere on this page: Supported Audio Codecs in macOS

Another one of the "big-four" also show nothing for Opus: Supported Codecs in Windows

Microsoft added Opus support in 2016, Apple in iOS 11.

Since AOM uses Opus for audio, everyone who isn't using HEVC has to implement it, and since HEVC is failing, Opus is becoming universal.  It will be interesting to see what happens with AAC once it is no longer required for video, particularly if they don't cut the license fees.
Last post by imacguru -
I’ve lost all interest in xHE-AAC/USAC or in any new MPEG audio standard a long time ago.

Let’s see. MP3, LC-AAC, HE-AACv1 and HE-AACv2 are great. They really are. But then something has happened.
MPEG Surround (standard since 2007) hadn’t see any adoption and now it’s superseded by a new standard (MPEG-H 3D Audio). Just think about it. A whole standard was skipped.  :-\  When people needed most of it during 2007 -2015.

What about xHE-AAC. Is it doing any better than MPEG Surround?  Well, actually it isn’t.
Both xHE-AAC and Opus were released as standards in 2012.
We are seeing  growing support for Opus Right now the index of support is 78%. It will easily hit 90%+ in 1 year.
All members of a “big-four” (Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla) support Opus. And none of them support xHE-AAC. It’s the easiest victory I've ever seen.
And who guarantees that MPEG-H 3D Audio won’t replace xHE-AAC as a superset of it per completely? (as it has happened with MPEG Surround.)

I don’t know what is happening with a new MPEG audio standards during last 10 years but none of them see any meaningful adoption. It’s not my concern or of my interests. Not anymore.

P.S. What in the earth decodes/plays xHE-AAC files if such exists? Leave alone an idea to find an acceptable encoder for that. I won't install VM iOS and pay 5$ for some software which is literally unique program in a whole world which support xHE-AAC. 

Hi Igor,

AAC still has a rather long list of licensees: AAC Licensees. Late last year Via Licensing eliminated separate fees for xHE-AAC. That means everyone on that list is already licensed to use xHE-AAC! It takes time for new codecs to gain market share. People still use mp3 even though superior codecs like AAC have existed for a decade and a half! It took several years after HE-AACv2 was introduced till it became widespread with availability at the core operating system level. In the interim many people would listen to HE-AACv2 streams either in wide-band mono (with an HE-AACv1 decoder) or even worse narrow-band mono (AAC-LC decoder).

xHE-AAC has been adopted as the standard for Digital Radio Mondiale. DRM Implementation Guide All currently shipping DRM receivers have xHE-AAC on board.

The advantages of xHE-AAC include using LOAS instead of ADTS for better sync and less overhead. It works extremely well with HLS for mobile listening.

I think we'd see MPEG-H 3D Audio added to xHE-AAC before we'd see it replace xHE-AAC. xHE-AAC already supports multi-channel surround sound formats.

It's too early to rule out the "big-four" as you refer to them adding and supporting xHE-AAC. I think we'll see that happen later this year for one or two of them.

You've said they all support Opus. I checked Apple for example and do not see Opus anywhere on this page: Supported Audio Codecs in macOS

Another one of the "big-four" also show nothing for Opus: Supported Codecs in Windows

Google are on board with Android 5.0 or newer: Android Supported Codecs and Mozilla and Chrome browsers support Opus (but other browsers like Edge, Opera and Safari do not). So reality is only two of the "big-four" you refer to support Opus.

All of them support AAC and are now automatically licensed to use xHE-AAC should they decide to do so. How long it might take for that to happen I have no idea but I hope it happens sooner than later. Meanwhile I'll spend some time testing Opus and follow its progress. Always a bonus to have choices!

BTW, to my ears FaceTime Audio blows away Skype audio for quality. So Opus having Skype's SILK codec doesn't guarantee great speech quality. xHE-AAC incorporates AMR-WB+ which many regard as an awesome speech codec.

General - (fb2k) / Re: Graphical timeline: has anybody created one?
Last post by fabiospark -
Yes, many library viewers are sufficient to let you select what you want
using the writing date.

But I was thinking more of a line with two "trim markers"
for setting the beginning and the end of the time period
you would like to select.
The "graphical" side of the tool would be useful to let one put in the
background of the line the time indicators (decades or so)
and maybe also different colours for the different music genre
of each time period (baroque; classical; early romantic; etc.).

It would also be useful to see on the "timeline" where is positioned
in time the now playing track.

I also filled in the birth and death dates of the composers so it would be
possible to show also an area corrisponding to the composer lifespan.

Look here to get a better idea of what I mean.

Ogg Vorbis - General / Re: Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?
Last post by 2814-6890 -
I recently got a Kenwood reveiver (DDX594) and it does NOT support OGG Vorbis. It does, however support FLAC flawlessly (reads the tags, displays the album art, everything). With flash memory so cheap (256 GB thumb drives for under $50!!!!) my days of converting to MP3 may be over.
Ogg Vorbis - General / Car Radio - OGG Vorbis Support?
Last post by sanskrit44 -
i am looking for a car radio supporting the ogg vorbis codec but have not found an up to date device so far. i know that vorbis support is not very common these days and often it is not mentioned or promoted, even though the device is capable of playing back ogg files.

do you have some recommendations for me?

p.s.: is it true that kenwood devices support ogg?
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