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Need to erase Field tag memory


i created my own tag to classify my music,
i rate my tracks by 1 to 5 with a Field tag named "NOTE"
however sometimes i want to tag it speedly and i text "NOT2" or "NOT3" caus' i didn't switch from Filed name to Field value,
instead i erase all this false "Field name" they still appear in selection of "Field name" when i tag a track,
this is a problem cause i created tag with different thirst caracter to text them shortly, for example i had only two tag that begins by letter "N"

here a screenshot of some of tag field i want to erase from database :

Re: Need to erase Field tag memory

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You should probably add frequently used custom fields to standard in order to access them quicker directly from the properties dialog and make their appearance nicer.

Preferences -> Advanced -> Display -> Properties -> Standard fields


Re: Need to erase Field tag memory

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Oh great!
This is so usefull options!

Thank you so much!!