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ape1 vs ape2

Currently I'm encoding with EAC which puts APE1 tags on my ape files. Do I need to bother trying to find a way to get ape2 tags on those things? Why was ape2 made? Does ape1 have attribute length problems like ID3v1? Hmm... okay, that's all I can think of now.

ape1 vs ape2

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You are probably better off putting apev2 tags on it since that will be more standard than apev1 - you can do that in EAC using Case's wapet program

You can also use a multitude of other post processing programs to add apev2 tags
apev2 was made as a natural evolution of apev1, to exceed the limits of apev1, the same way ID3v2 surpasses IDv1 in capability

I don't recall apev1 having any limit within reason (maybe 256 characters?)

I'm curious how EAC is putting apev1 tags on your files since it doesn't handle them natively?

ape1 vs ape2

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See the differences here
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