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Rio Music Manager fails!

I was considering the Rio Karma 20GB since it plays flac files so I downloaded the Rio software (Rio Music Manger) to get a feel for it.  It searched my music directory and found all the flac files and added them to its library.  However, it only read part of the tags.  It got artist and genre but album, track number, and year are blank.  Also, instead of title it has the file name without the extension.  Since I use EAC for ripping, the flac front-end for encoding, and Tagger (FLAC tags) for tagging based on filename scheme, improper tag pickup will be a [span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%']BIG [/span][/i]problem.  Does anyone have any idea why this would not be working correctly?

Rio Music Manager fails!

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Try asking around here:

The Rio guys hang out there and they have a Karma forum.



Rio Music Manager fails!

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