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mp3DirectCut creating sector boundary error

I used mp3DC to fade in the start of an MP3 and was surprised that a file that had no SBE now does.  Why should this happen?  Can mp3DC also be used to trim to a sector boundary?

The fade-in also left this visible, but seemingly inaudible, artifact:

Re: mp3DirectCut creating sector boundary error

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For CBR, it regenerates the Xing info frame which contains the delay and padding without a seek table. Now players can't find these values that describe the accurate length because they are in a wrong location. If the length wasn't changed, you can copy the Xing frame over from the source file using a hex editor. Cuts in mp3 have the granularity of one mp3 sector (1152), which is different from and not a multiple of a CD sector (588).

Re: mp3DirectCut creating sector boundary error

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@j7n , thanks for the explanation.  The SBE doesn't bother me so much as the concern that this file -- which originally played gapless -- might now have a gap to the next file.  Can you comment on that?

Re: mp3DirectCut creating sector boundary error

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Losing of the gapless information, changes the length, which creates the sector boundary error. It is the same thing caused by the Info frame being incomplete.

With VBR, I do get the complete Xing frame from Mp3DirectCut, minus the CRC-16, which most players don't seem to check. But in case of CBR, it doesn't write a seektable (no need for it), but doesn't offset the gapless information and other data in the space reclaimed. If you use 'Edit MP3 gapless playback information' in Foobar2000, it will write the fields 104 bytes earlier, where it expects to find them.

Re: mp3DirectCut creating sector boundary error

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I thought there was a cutting tool that encoded gapless information based on the sample offsets specified for the cutting, and included enough frames to satisfy bit reservoir dependency?