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Seekbar (Duration of tracks) jumps to the end

Since the summertime changed to wintertime (31 October) in Europe the duration of my wav-files is not correctly shown in the seekbar: the seekbar jumps immediatly to the end, when a track is played. (The track itsself is nevertheless played correctly, only the seekbar does not work correctly). Curious: When I reset the systemtime of my computer to the date before the change of summertime to winterime (30th October) the seekbar functions correctly. Does someone have an explanation for this behaviour, or -if possible- even a
solution? For example a track is shown as: Duration 0:00.260 11444 Samples, Sample rate 44100Hz, Channels 2, Bits per sample 16, Codec PCM, Encoding losless , Bitrate 1411 kbps. The Foobar Version is, and 1.5.7 on another computer, where the same mystery appears. Tanks a lot for any ideas!

Re: Seekbar (Duration of tracks) jumps to the end

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When you set the time back does the reported duration etc change?
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Re: Seekbar (Duration of tracks) jumps to the end

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No time based parts of foobar2000 should even be using time zone specific or local time units. Anything using absolute time should be using UTC relative units.

Re: Seekbar (Duration of tracks) jumps to the end

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Today I received a message that a user replyed to this topic, but I do not see any new message. Nevertheless I can tell that since I "knocked out" the change of summer- / wintertime (by using a timezone which has no change of time but the same time as in Germany in summer, called "UTC +2:00 Kairo") the seekbar functions without any problems. For those who have doubts about this curious solution I can show a video, if you ask for it. Thank you all for your interest and help!