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Sebastian, probably the email address should be fixed on the pages where the following exists:

"If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via e-mail: mail [at] listening-tests [dot] info."

Should I change it to something like: "If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the Listening Tests forum at the site." or would you like to provide another mail address?

You're right. You can use a link to Hydrogenaudio. Thanks!


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I added Roberto's site from the Wayback Machine to I had to fix a lot of links and some other things, but I think the site is now pretty complete and works correctly. I tried to not change any of the contents. The individal test participants' comments are not yet included as separate files (I'll try to add them later), but the comments are available in the rar packages. Only the "dial-up" results are missing a couple of image files that were not available. Also the actual test files (samples & configurations) are not included.

I have all reference samples from Roberto's tests in a lossless format (46 samples, 105 MB) in case someone would like to host them ( has a 1 MB file size limit).

I hope Roberto will approve my preservation work. I understood from Sebastian's reply in this thread that Roberto is seeking a new home for the archived test site. (I didn't try to send him a PM. He was last active here in November 2008.)

In addition, I created a new homepage that provides links to Sebastian's and Roberto's test sites. I handled the mail address issues by explaining the situation on the homepage and providing a link to HA.

As I said before, it is possible to add new tests in the future. The homepage can be made better and expanded. Pages of additional stuff like testing instructions can be added.


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I have now uploaded the 2725 individual result files that the participants created for Roberto's tests. Two of the seven tests had the results files in the xml format. I needed to process the xml files (to txt) and fix all folder links before they were ready.


Reply #29 seems to be down at the moment.   

They have a pretty good reputation though (as a free hosting service).

As a quick workaround, I created a mirror here:
( is one of the available names at

Let's see how this turns out. Please report if the address works for you.


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Status report: works again.

The main site is still down or overloaded because there is now too much traffic.


Reply #31 is down as you can see. Would be nice if Garf or some other admin could create a mirror here on HA. What I forgot to mention is that the mean traffic is about 200 MB per month, so not that much.

For people who are organizing tests, expect peaks of several GB per month when you announce the results of a test. My last test results generated about 10 GB traffic per month for 3 months.


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At least both new addresses seem to work fine now. The T35 problem might have been a temporary hiccup, perhaps a problem in the international connections. I can't see any posts about the downtime in their user forum.


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Thank you very much for preserving valuable information.


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Hooray! Thanks, Garf.