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Topic: Rip a CD to a single lossless file, and (Read 14697 times) previous topic - next topic
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Rip a CD to a single lossless file, and

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There are many programs which can help you in creating CUEsheets, but you must know exact duration of your songs first.
Actually you can create a CUEsheet with Notepad, because it is only a simple text file. (Look the examples above).
But there is a freeware program which I can recommend you to start with - it's called CueMaster.

Rip a CD to a single lossless file, and

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Better yet, just grab the cuesheet from Cuesheet Heaven - they have thousands.

Then, if you need to tweak it, it's a simple edit...

Rip a CD to a single lossless file, and

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Because i didn't find that mp3cue is so easy to use ....
And because I get an APE or Wav or Mp3 onefile album without cue ....

I found these solutions ........

Individual access to a one file album Ape, Wav, Mp3 ...
You have your onefile AND a CUE file corresponding ...
Be carefull that inside the cue file the reference to the onefile album is correct (somteimes it will not)

Use Makeapl
Fin in Monkey Audio 3.7 package installed ... the program MAKEAPL and execute it
Dragndrop cue file on the "makeapl" progr ... and it generate one apl file by track
You can use Apl with Winamp and all others supporting this format

I Have onefile album but not cue file ...

Oneway is to find cue file on the web ... see hereunder ..
Another way is to produce cue from your original CD ... 
mp3Cuey never work for me ...
Use CueMaster ... Be careful if you use APE/Wave because Cuemaster generate MP3 reference in cue file.....

Other way ... Go to freedb ... and found your album
(this is the manual procedure equivalent to cuemaster)

example  - Diana Krall / The Look of Love 

Etape 1 - search Freedb album ...
A) hard Task with many versions ...

B) I choose between available albums

C) I choose the correct album

D) Look for  ...7c0bfe0a
That's the link for a new page ...:
Diana Krall / The Look of The Love
tracks: 10
total time: 51:12
year: 1999
genre: Jazz
ids: jazz / 7c0bfe0a
1. 4:33 S'Wonderfull
2. 5:00 Love Letters
3. 4:00 I remember you
4. 5:08 Cry me a river
5. 6:44 Besame mucho
6. 5:46 The night we called it day
7. 5:52 Dancing in the dark
8. 3:49 I get along without you very well
9. 4:46 The look of love
10. 5:32 Maybe you'll be there

E) This is the Xmcd format of the album description that i was searching
Save it in txt format
J'obtiends ainsi le fichier "7c0bfe0a.txt" correspondant

ETAPE 2 - Créae CUE file
Find and use  xmcd2cue =

A) copy/move "7c0bfe0a.txt" to "xmcd2cue.exe"  directory

B) DOS Command in this directory

C) Dos command
xmcd2cue 7c0bfe0a.txt -n

D) PIOUUUUOP You get  the CUE file
"(Diana Krall) The Look of The Love.cue"

Hope for you
- your onefile is with a good timing for gap and others track length
- select correct album

Use ....MAKEAPL to get APL file and use them with Winamp ...
Newbie for ever ....


Rip a CD to a single lossless file, and

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Since we are all in favor of reducing editing steps... When you tell EAC to copy image & create cue sheet, it ignores the filename settings you specify in EAC options.  Is there a way to have it automaticlaly place it in \Artist\Album folder ?

has anybody figure out how to do this?