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Album Art Cache Question

It appears that album art is being cached based on my usage observations with my current components.  After my initial install on my new computer (I did not have a backup my previous fb2k data), all of my media is being played for the first time.  There may be a delay in loading and displaying artwork, because almost all of my album art are large images (over 2MiB file size; some may be 8MiB).  When I play songs containing the same image artwork, there is an instant display of artwork that hints data is cached.

I am now actively working to store large album artwork.  Some files have small artwork (700x700 or less) that when I find I increase to 1000x1000 and larger.  I use Artwork View pop-up panel, and I increased the panel size to large using ZMover (this is a third-party utility that I have no affiliation with other than being a customer; it's not free).  This is how I am able to see this large artwork and have it resized to my screen size.

My question:  as I am replacing smaller album art with large artwork, will the cached artwork automatically get updated in some manner?  If not, will I have to manually delete the cached files?  If I must manually delete, where would I find these files to delete?

Thank you in advance.