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Topic: Why doesn't foobar2000 implement the usage of virtual tags/custom variables? (Read 396 times) previous topic - next topic
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Why doesn't foobar2000 implement the usage of virtual tags/custom variables?

It would really help to clean up my code. Especially taking plugins like foo_run, foo_youtube & foo_external_tags into consideration.

I have all sorts of web and software queries setup in foo_run.

They take the last mentioned 2 plugins into consideration.

1. If i'm playing radio and the "artist - title" are reversed i've added a tag %swap%=1 with foo_external_tags and created a filter that shows "artist - title" in the right order.

2. I've also done this for whenever there are foo_youtube tags present to represent the "%fy_channel_title% - %fy_title%"

3. Also whenever certain tags are missing. Like for instance using %title% whenever %album% is missing.

If i could use virtual tags/custom variables i could seriously clean up my code in foo_run and other instances like the playlist view, because the filters setup are way too long sometimes to make sense of it all.

MusicBee for instance uses virtual tags where you can create your own (custom) virtual tags and it's a great help/addition.
It would be nice for foobar2000 to have this same option, so that i dont'constantly have to use these longs ass custom strings wherever it's needed.