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Scrobbling troubles...

Hi guys,

I made my account hoping to find an answer.

I just upgraded my PC, and I cannot find a solution for scrobbling from "foobar2000" to "lastfm", under Windows 11 Pro. It's working with iTunes and WMP, but these players are a joke. I just cannot live without foobar2000. I'm a diehard user since 2008, at least. I really like to find all the music stats on my profile. Everything was so smooth under Windows 7, but now...

Please, a kind soul, help the poor man. Thanks in advance!


Re: Scrobbling troubles...

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Looks like you've been using the official client?? You don't want that - you should use this instead...

Pay attention to the preferences/authentication steps carefully.

Re: Scrobbling troubles...

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Alright guys, thanks for the input, but I cannot solve this. Yet...

Uninstalled all the apps, starting from zero, no positive results.
Please, can someone explain everything, step by step, eventually with screen pictures?

I'm not so into IT, I'm already on my fifties, but still want to enjoy the small pleasures I have.

One more time my need: I want to scrobble to my lastfm account, everything I listen on foobar2000, under Win 11 Pro. Thanks!

All the best!

Re: Scrobbling troubles...

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Finally I managed to solve the problem, but with a different method.
Thanks anyway for your help. Didn't work for me.
All the best!


Re: Scrobbling troubles...

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Spirit.Crusher, you're a legend. I had exactly same situation as you. Your method was the only one that worked for me after trying everything else.