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Topic: Sonivm opensource cross-platform audio player (Win/Mac) in Java (Read 747 times) previous topic - next topic
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Sonivm opensource cross-platform audio player (Win/Mac) in Java

Hi all

I've written an audio player for myself in Java (I know, I know - far not the best choice for desktop software, but - it works).
It's called Sonivm and can be downloaded from here:
Requires Java 8+ to be installed.

The actual playback part is based on platform-native FFMPEG (thanks to FFSampledSP library), so that should work fine because FFMPEG is quite mature.

Features that are already there:
- Equalizer
- LastFM support
- CUE-sheets support (with gapeless playback for consequent CUE tracks)
- FLAC, OGG, MP3, M4A support etc (thanks to FFMPEG again)
- Smarter repeat (repeat playlist, single track, consequent tracks from same artist or same album)
- Smarter shuffle (shuffle in whole playlist, or for same artist, or for same album, or for same genre)
- Convenient search in play queue
- Drag&drop files into play queue (as you'd expect, but not supported by some players written in Java like JLGUI for example)

Features planned for the future:
- Music library support (scan folders for audio files, filter by artist/album/year range/genre etc)
- Rating and tagging of tracks/albums/artists
- Smart party shuffle (specify filter  for year ranges, artists, genres, tags, track rating etc)
- Gapeless playback for individual files
- And if I manage to pull it off: WinAmp classic skins support

Feedback is welcome