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Other Lossy Codecs / Re: ADC (Adaptive Differential Coding) My Experimental Lossy Audio Codec
Last post by -
I have developed a slightly different approach for better performance in terms of jitter and linearity of the sound. I have added the possibility of choosing a compression range from 512 to 4096 variable to your liking. I added the "p" option which allows you to decompress and play (with the standard Windows application) the adc file.

I hope that this version can give better results than previous one. I will test it tomorrow when I have access to a computer (I'm posting from smartphone lol).
Anyway, there's a long path to make a good and useful codec (QOA is almost just a joke and there are some basic 'codecs' that are just so bad and useless).

Okay I'm late but that isn't relevant. The .zip (and .exe inside) is detected as virus by Windows Defender (but that is not problem for me because I finally test all in a Windows 7 VM). VirusTotal also gives a prudent result, so I'm not sure of what's hapenning here. Anyways for testing in VM there's no problem, but I advise for have caution.
And a question for the author of the codec, what can be a reasonable explanation to that issue?

About the codec itself, it sucks when coding mono, it has an annoying hissing tone (viewing the spectrogram them are apparently the low frequencies inverted in the high band). But in stereo it does a good work, reducing filesize to a ~¼ of the original, and being transparent (as far I can hear). It does not support more than 2 channels.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: [Not My Release] EsPlaylist
Last post by cwb -
A question for anyone with knowledge in using the built-in search function of EsPlaylist:

If I do a search in a playlist using the built-in search function of EsPlaylist, and I then select all of the search results with the idea of copying, or sending the search results to another playlist. The contents of the whole playlist are copied over to the new playlist, not just the search results.

Is there a reasonable way to copy just the search results over to another playlist?

The only way I have found to do it, is to select each result of the search individually, until all of the search result entries have been selected, and then send the results to a another playlist. Doing this is tedious and not really feasible for searches with a lot of results.

CD Hardware/Software / [EAC] FLAC final part of the song cut cleanly, while the original fades out
Last post by Edo61 -
Hello everyone,
I am actually ripping my CD's collection, trying to do that in the best possible way.
I am using Exact Audio Copy, that worhs great; the only problem is that, while the original songs on CD, ath the end fades out, the ripped file (FLAC) ends suddenly in a not pleasant way.
I tried so long to search any setting into EAC that could fix this issue, without any result.
Could someone help me?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by iangk -
Quick request: Would it be possible to combine the  Seekbar/Buttons from "Text Display + Album Art + Seekbar + Buttons" with the original "Text Display" sample, allowing the flexibility to toggle Album Art on/off and change position relative to text?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: NEW ESLyric v0.5 - an alternative lyric show component
Last post by TT -

there is nothing that can be done, it is the database of the server that is giving those results.
It is the responsibility of ChartLyrics how they handle search results and manage their database for lyrics.

If you manually try:
sugar gold:
It will all lead to the same lyrics ID 6341, i.e Sugar Ray - When It's Over lyrics...

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Pause causes Bluetooth speaker to turn off
Last post by Air KEN -
Connect another speaker to the Analog audio terminal (RCA).
Once Bluetooth is connected, the Bluetooth device becomes the default audio device, so switching it in Control Panel > Sound may fix the issue.

In Windows 11, you can easily select the default audio device by clicking the volume icon in the task tray and then clicking Sound Output.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by TT -
I use fb2k V2.2 and the theme Georgia-ReBORN (latest version)
My question is:
None of the queries are working
- $mod(%play_count%,3) EQUAL 0
- %play_count% GREATER 0
- ...
Any idea why they don't work, Spider Monkey Panel?

Same post in skip track-forum...

Hi @bkh,

it is working just fine.

Right-click in the playlist for context menu > Playlist tools > Create new auto playlist > Custom auto playlist.
In the query pattern paste %play_count% GREATER 0
Now it will list all songs that already have been played.
You can also use the other auto playlist presets that you can find in Playlist tools > Create new auto playlist.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: NEW ESLyric v0.5 - an alternative lyric show component
Last post by sveakul -
@TT :  I noticed that the chartlyrics.js (v0.1) searcher script you wrote for ESLyric can match a playing artist and title, yet return lyric results from chartlyrics that are completely wrong.  It seems to rely on even a single word match in each field to return those lyrics as a "100% match confidence."  I've seen this often and have had to move it to the end of my search sources as a result.

For example, when searching for lyrics for the streaming  "It's All Over You" by "Sugar & Gold,"  it will return a 100% confidence match in ESLyric using the search string "," but the resulting lyrics shown are actually from the song "When It's Over," by Sugar Ray.  It apparently matched those lyrics using just the single word "Over" from the title, and "Sugar" from the artist--not very tight for a return.  To further illustrate, I have attached the xml that is returned from the Chartlyrics website from the above chartlyrics.js search string.

Is there any way to modify the searcher so that more than just one word from an artist or title field is needed to be considered a match?
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Pause causes Bluetooth speaker to turn off
Last post by Air KEN -
The easiest thing is to have multiple Audio Devices.
Add a USB DAC and more.
The DAC 96 kHz/ 24-Bit can be recognized and used immediately by simply plugging it into a USB port without the need for a driver.

Select default device.
Control Panel > Sound > Device Select > default device
for example:
It's easy to operate and the sound quality is good.
Just turn the big volume controller.