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foobar2000 mobile / Re: Cannot play m4a files after 1.4 update on Andriod
Last post by Peter -
Playlists disappeared or are their contents unplayable?
Either way, fix is being worked on so you don't have to do re-add folders / your playlists keep working; will be released today.

Still, there are pretty horrible performance issues with folders added in the old version and re-adding them is *strongly* recommended.

Unfortunately there's just no easy way to fix playlists referencing old locations, so I'm re-enabling relevant code to keep playlists made with past versions working.
FLAC / Re: Is there an online database to check the checksum of tracks?
Last post by Porcus -
That's the problem. Shouldn't the md5 be the same for everyone since it's "lossless"?... I can't understand it.
Different masterings are different, sometimes audibly so.
If one was mastered for CD and another for file delivery, they need not have same length.
And even if same mastering, only different CD pressings: Depending on which device created the master it was pressed from, they might differ in so-called offset: one pressing may have every track boundary say thirty or a hundred samples to the left or to the right of another one.
Same mastering, same pressing, different ripping tool: Drives also have different read offsets and if that isn't corrected upon ripping, you will get bitstream shifted. That is even if there was no ripping error.