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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by paregistrase -
mamma mia...  :o

v1.0.15.1 (fix extra space at artist end)

Code: [Select]
Discogs Artist URLS :, , , , ,
Still have a extra space at the end.

And, at least for me in linux with wine, there is a lot of fields that continous to be writen with commas and not multi value.
Code: [Select]
Discogs Artist ANV : 6 Organs Of Admittance, 6 Organs of Admittance, Electric Six Organs, Electric Six Organs Of Admittance, Six Organs, The Six Organs Of Admittance
Code: [Select]
Discogs Artist Aliases : Ben Chasny, Benja Minh

Code: [Select]
Layout [Art Layout] - Dan Osborn; Mastered By - Carl Saff; Photography By - Ben Chasny; Sounds [All Sounds] - Ben Chasny; Written-By, Recorded By, Mixed By - Ben Chasny
Discogs Catalog : DRO-007; D.R.O.-007
Discogs Release Labels : Paisley Park; Warner Bros. Records

All of them are in the component multivalue option
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So far I noted this in
Code: [Select]

The tag mapping

Support - (fb2k) / Modifying tags causes foo_playcount %added% tag to change
Last post by Takaji -
I'm not exactly sure when this behaviour started (possibly when I switched to foobar2000 v2.0?), but I've noticed that if I modify the %album% tag of an album, then %added% also changes to the date that I modified the tags - I assume because the database sees this as a new entry. Is there a way to disable/fix this?

I thought maybe the playback statistics database would've relied on another way of identifying a track/album instead of by the tags - perhaps by a hash or something like this?

I noticed a typo in an album title, and now %added% shows that the album was added to my library today, instead of back in 2018. I have an autoplaylist which organises my music by %added%, and this then gets messed up.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by nikolai4ik -
1. Do you mean...? The quiet things that.... -> The quiet things \newline that sound....
Nope. Well you use this:
For a desired width, then you draw each string manually.

2. No fix. SMP is in need of updating since months XD (for multiple bugs, dark theme support, x64 support...). Not saying is not stable, just that there have been no updates in half a year, V2 has been released meanwhile, dark theme support and a few bugs found since then. There are also some long term bugs not resolved.

3. The buttons don't follow CUI settings, but system settings. But not necessarily in the way you expect. Buttons fill color is not the same than the theme color. In my scripts you can find and alternative buttons framework which allows to paint buttons without background matching the CUI colors on the toolbar (or the background of the panel). Or you can simply set the background color. You may be interested on that. I did it since WINE systems don't work properly with the theme-manager thing from the samples, but it applies now too to dark themes...

4. No. You can add a character which looks like an icon (a heart for ex). Look for ASCII codes. That's all. But you are limited to the font used by the menu.

SMP is not currently able to open new panels. You can open an HTML popup which probably does what you want.
And that requires standard CSS and JS coding.

You may also be able to open a new panel with this:
Calling within SMP the main menus which open the flowin panel, and you could put there another script which interacts with the first one. It's on my todo list to try for some fancy scripts, but not currently on the mood.
Thank you so much for all your advice! :)
1 - EstimateLineWrap wasn't very easy for me but I did it.

2 - that's what I was wondering about... I am moving away from WSH panels right now and I had to pick what to use. Went with SMP, but JSPanel seems to be maintained better nowadays?
3, 4 - got it, thanks.
5 - considering I won't be able to use SMP methods this HTML window will be useless, so I'll pass.

Instead of it I decided to add another panel and managed to do what I wanted for literally 5+ years - a toggleable stop after queue/stop after current song which displays its state, I'm so proud  :))

Now I want to combine JSPlaylist's mood button with sample love button (either left/right clicks or maybe just %SMP_loved% to current date), the script in the playlist uses %MOOD% field and puts current time in it. However getTimestamp() which is used in WSHPlaylist.js  (handles.UpdateFileInfoFromJSON(JSON.stringify({"MOOD" : getTimestamp()}));) throws error when I put it elsewhere. Kind of lost at the moment...

Also how do you write SMP commands for these context menu items?
Adding these buttons works easily in standard buttons panel, but just       fb.RunContextCommandWithMetadb(" Love Track", items); doesn't work with javascript.