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Issue with Media Library

Hello Dev Team and @Peter,
I have albums as 1-files (Flac, APE, etc), which I can't/won't split, so they are dependent on cue-files. I also have albums which consist of individual files (some of these have cue files, but these should not be read). The "1-file albums" are in a parallel directory (in the same hierarchy) to the  "split-file albums", so that I can also select each directory separately in "Preferences-->Media Library".
What i want now:

       "1-File-Albums"           --> Restrict: *.cue                                  --> Exclude: *.*;
      "split-file albums"        --> Restrict: *.wav; *.flac *.ape etc         --> Exclude: *.cue

Each works separately, but only for both paths together. This means that Restrict and Exclude cannot be set independently for different paths. Is that really the case? Or am I missing something?

I would be very grateful for a solution.