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Trying to trigger MenuCommand from Rainmeter

I've been looking at how to open foobar and activating the now playing track, but I can't get it to work. It's not clear to me exactly how it's done as the manual doesn't really specify by showing examples.

I assume this is what I need to use: /command:<menu command>, but do I keep the <> or not?
Do I need to insert the Menu command in double quotes as there are spaces in it? Or do I remove the spaces?

The manual says:
/command:<...> and /xxx_command:<...>
    The command names can be derived e.g. from the "Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog: look in the sub-section [main] for main menu commands (e.g. /command:Console) or [context] for the other types (e.g. /playing_command:Properties). Use only the final command name; do not specify the name of the parent menu or any other part of the menu path/group.
So it looks like I keep the <> without specifying the full View/Playlist view/Activate now playing command.

So I tried this: /command:<Activate now playing>, but it opens a new playlist with two tracks called "now" and "playing". Not what I want!
So I try this: /command:<Activatenowplaying> and this: /command:<"Activate now playing"> and this: /command:<"Activatenowplaying">.

Nothing works. Could someone give me an example on how to achieve this please. Thanks very much.  ;D
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Re: Trying to trigger MenuCommand from Rainmeter

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Maybe "Activate now playing" being a CUI menu command does not work by command line? I'm not on PC right now to test. Correct syntax though is without <> and using quotes if command has a space.

Try DUI command -

Code: [Select]
/command:"Show now playing in playlist"

Re: Trying to trigger MenuCommand from Rainmeter

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Thanks for the reply. :D

I'm confused as the Manual says to use: /command:<...> and /xxx_command:<...> with the <>
And it says that anything that is included in the Main Menu can be used with /command: by looking it up in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialogue at the bottom. So I found and used this:  View/Playlist view/Activate now playing.

As it has spaces after removing the View/Playlist view part, again, as per the Manual, I tried quotes, but no go.

I tried your suggestion which also doesn't work.

Not sure if you're familiar with Rainmeter code, but I'm using a Variable for the path to Foobar:
LeftMouseUpAction=#F2k# /command:"Show now playing in playlist"

The path works fine and if I change this line to:
LeftMouseUpAction=#F2k# /show or LeftMouseUpAction=#F2k# /hide this works perfectly fine.

I just can't get the menu command to work!

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Re: Trying to trigger MenuCommand from Rainmeter

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<menu command> is just a place holder so don't use <>.

There are examples with spaces in here...

Whatever issues your program has with the quotes is unlikely to be solved by anyone here.

Re: Trying to trigger MenuCommand from Rainmeter

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Thanks. That's where I got my info from. Doesn't seem to work though.

Any chance someone could confirm that a shortcut using this works ok:
/command:"Activate now playing"
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Re: Trying to trigger MenuCommand from Rainmeter

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No, that didn't work, any ideas?
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