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The Encoder frontend

I just couldn't resist posting to this virginal forum:D
How is it going with your general encoder frontend, Dibrom?

The Encoder frontend

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Well..  Since I've been working on the forums and a few other non-audio related things lately, I haven't had too much time to get work on this, but I think that is going to be changing very soon.  Another thing is that the frontend is actually part of a suite of other tools and we are trying to design the whole setup to be as integrated as possible.  Currently the underlying framework behind all of it has been going through some changes (thanks to sphoid), so I want to make sure whatever I work on is synchronized with everything else.

Now that this forum is up though, I think development should pick up.  Maybe I can have something releasable soon.  At the very least, the abx tool I've discussed should be ready for a beta test before long I think..

The Encoder frontend

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yeah the current priority right now is getting a usable version of abx out for the moment. I should be able to atleast get an alpha out before too long, im still working on learning some api's at the moment so the first builds of pretty much anything related to hydrogen will be a bit rough however once we start releasing some builds it should get to be a progressively smoother process. I still intend to post a rough roadmap soon so keep tuned.

As for a general update on the progress of the whole suite, there is a functioning core up and running at the minute and an early implementation of the module dynamics are also up and running however there are probably going to be some considerable changes to the program architecture before any releases go public. The main thing is the conversion to an entirely XML based platform which will really give Hydrogen a boost as far as compatibility and flexibility.

Other modules currently in development which will be released as they are ready include Hydrogen Chat which is currently an irc/icq hybrid chat client/server, abx and soon to be in development will be a player capable of using winamp plugins, a tag editor, and an audio file processor (encoder/decode etc..), im not sure if this will be part of the player or not yet... but anyways, i will be making a much more detailed post at some point in the near future with some indepth stuff on Hydrogen Development.

The way im looking at it, ABX will be a down payment from project mayhem to y'all.... it will be usable as  a standalone as well as a Hydrogen Module.