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Auto log-in is not working

When I close down IE and go to this site I am suppose to be auto logged-in, right?

But this doesn't happen. It works on r3mix so I'm pretty sure it isn't a cookie problem I have.
It's not my firewall, so I really don't know how to fix it.

JohnV told me on #project_mayhem that I should try posting something and see if that worked, so I guess this is the test of that.

Btw.: This site is great and I think it has a huge potential. Great work Dibrom!!!

Auto log-in is not working

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When I close down IE - start it again - go to the site (and are not logged-in) - log-in -  the "new posts" is not cleared even though I apparently have been away.

But when I do a manual log-out it is cleared as it should be.

A clue?

Auto log-in is not working

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i have the same problem, im also using IE (6.0).

just one or two days before, the autologin worked, it seems that something has been changed during that time...

btw, when I click on "user cp" the login seems to work, because it shows me my private messages, although I haven't been logged in on the main page.

Auto log-in is not working

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I use IE 5.5 sp2

Auto log-in is not working

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Hrmm..  are either of you guys using any sort of customized settings in IE?  Maybe modified privacy settings or something like that?  I'm really not sure what could be causing your autologin problems as it works fine for me and I think most other people.  One thing you might try is to clear all of your cookies, it could be that the one that controls autologin has been corrupted somehow.  I'll try to look into this problem more, but I'm not exactly sure what the cause could be.

Auto log-in is not working

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deleting cookies did not help.

I have not touched the security-setting in IE either.

Auto log-in is not working

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If you're using WebWasher, make sure you add as Good in the user defined filterlist (in the Cookie Filter section). In the case of IE6, lower security restrictions to Low, or make the specific adjustments yourself.

Auto log-in is not working

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I'm not using Wbwasher.

Auto log-in is not working

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You should.

Auto log-in is not working

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To take this up again I found something.
Might be a clue.

My nick appears in the userlist on the main page but I'm asked to log in.

On the forum page I can log out.

I don't know how this works but seem like the main and the forum page act differently.