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Re: exhale - Open Source USAC encoder

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FFmpeg now implements a native xHE-AAC decoder:

Thanks for sharing this. It's actually great news.  :)

When FFmpeg xHE-AAC decoder will be ready we will see wide native support of this format in software players, as foobar2000, and other apps.

It's a true beginning of xHE-AAC support in internet and streaming.  :)


Re: exhale - Open Source USAC encoder

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FFmpeg now implements a native xHE-AAC decoder
At last! Thanks for this really great news!
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Re: exhale - Open Source USAC encoder

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Great news, indeed, but don't throw away Case's fdk-aac packet decoder for foobar2000 just yet. The new FFmpeg decoder (just tried it with the Windows ...git-essentials.7z binary from doesn't do SBR or any other low-bit-rate technology yet, doesn't do gapless playback via trailing-sample cropping according to the edit-list data, doesn't do loudness control according to the DRC data, and still has a small low-frequency glitch in some transient stereo frames. Example for reproduction attached. More details will follow once I can narrow the issue down further.

Update: It seems that decoder also has the same issue that one of Apple's USAC decoders once had, first reported by Celona here. But since exhale was modified in late 2020 so as not to trigger that decoder issue, that's not too problematic in my view. But there may be other USAC encoders out there, of course.

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Re: exhale - Open Source USAC encoder

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