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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Open... dialog goes mad
Last post by Case -
Nothing anymore but had you said your OS in the first post you would have saved a lot of my time. I started testing with Windows XP and went up from there.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Win 10 1809: Rating stars
Last post by Case -
Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't seem to do behavior changing fixes until a version changes. I fear the font issue won't be solved until version 1903. Can someone running Insider builds of the future release verify if the issue even is fixed there?
General - (fb2k) / Re: File Operation Copy - Auto Close?
Last post by Case -
Add a new run service with descriptive label, for example Copy to <path>. At the Path syntax string enter 'cmd.exe /c copy /y "%path%" "<path>"', without the single quotes. For example to copy to C:\Temp use string:
cmd.exe /c copy /Y "%path%" "C:\Temp\"

Make sure to tick the Minimize button and drag the simultanous runs slider to the right until it says Unlimited.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Open... dialog goes mad
Last post by Case -
kode54, the issue actually only affects newer OSes. Since GCRaistlin still doesn't know that bug reports require details I was forced to test the problem on several systems. Even on my super slow emulated Pentium II machine running XP the open dialog showed no issues. Windows 7 was fine too.

Peter has been made aware of the problem. I believe he can work around it without changing components, or at least I hope so.
General Audio / Re: The difference between Windows and Linux
Last post by Case -
Hi Case, thanks again for doing this, but do you know if it's there yet?  I've looked under Windows and Microsoft and don't see anything new there, and the last updated still says July 17, 2018.  Maybe it's normal, but I thought I'd seen results appear there sooner in the past.
I expect them to email me when the results are posted. But I think the people updating the site wait for more results and do them in batches.
AAC / Re: xHE-AAC / FDK2 for Android - also available on Linux soon?
Last post by Klimis -
From here file README.experimental:

Code: [Select]
This xaac codec (external/xaac) is experimental; it is not yet intended
to be used on production devices.
This codec should not be configured into any production Android Pie
(Android 9) device that will be shipped.

In the file tree I can see only a decoding part of the codec.

So it makes sense why when you ask for a decoder list on Android Pie devices why it doesn't come up. It's because it's commented out. Now despite that I would expect LineageOS to adopt it faster than Google, it was the case with OPUS aswell.
This guy on the video is quite cheeky, through clever wording he makes it sound like Android devices come shipped with the decoder and it's ready to be used.
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