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Re: Facets (foo_facets)
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I have a pane on the left with Artists. In the middle, I have albums with sort by Album and Date. And, on the right is where all the tracks are displayed.
I just notice something while sorting and browsing by Album name in the middle pane. If there is more than one album with the same name, "Greatest Hits" [for example], in the same year, the album art is blank. It seems as if all the album with same name in the same year are grouped together. If you look at "Properties" for my above example, you will see "multiple values" all over the place.

Is there some way to configure this so that all these albums will be displayed separately?

Hi, maybe it is not what you need but have you tried to add another column on the Albums pane with Artists album? You just add it and then make it disappear taking it to the left or the right so the albums will be sorted by Album artist but actually you will not see the category. I think that this is was what I did. Look on the image. I just took it to the right so the only column left it is Album.

The album with no cover it is because I am still retagging my library after iTunes and I just finished with Vangelis ;D.

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Yes, the avatar it is the cover of «The City» by Vangelis.

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Re: Facets (foo_facets)
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When I use facets as part of my regular configuration, I can add as many panes as I want. But when I open it up as my library viewer (library tab at top > facets), it opens up 3 panes by default, and I don't see any way to add more. I know I can have multiple columns displayed in one pane, but I would like to have 4 separate panes in the facets library viewer. Is there a way to do this?

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Re: Facets (foo_facets)
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You can open the facets window, right click on the toolbar area (on the 'Library' or 'Filter' text) and tick layout editing mode. Then you can add new panes as usual after clicking on the newly appeared 'Layout editing mode' button. You could also import existing preset by right clicking on the window's header and choosing the corresponding option.
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Re: Facets (foo_facets)
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Thanks Daeron. I see now that it explains that right in the facets wiki. Sorry for not doing better research before posting  :D

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Re: Facets (foo_facets)
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Thanks for a brilliant plugin. To wishlist: pie (or other type) chart building?
I wrote about here.

Re: Facets (foo_facets)
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Hi folks,

Just a note - I use Power Mixer for Windows for volume control. It is able to respond to the mouse scroll wheel, but for some reason when it is loaded it prevents Facets from zooming using Ctrl+Scroll. Just FYI in case anyone else runs into this.

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Re: Facets (foo_facets)
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If not is there any alternative that does cache album art, that has the album art in a grid format like this?

There is a WSH panel mod script.

Beautiful. Thank you. And thanks to Br3tt for making it.

New link:

However what I did some time ago was still with Facets
(I love Facets+Simplaylist+Simplaylist Manager for what they allow):
- copy my music folder structure but with only with the requested albumart in it (with a python script because they did not all have the same name, or else it would have been easier) and store in in a small local SSD drive
- give this new address for the albumart instead of the album folder, and if the file isn't there, check the regular address.

And it works very well, provided not to much pictures are missing.

Many thanks to all the developpers in and around Foobar!!!
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Re: Facets (foo_facets)
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Hi all, I'm new to Foobar and Facets.
I have about 2000 albums mostly MP3 & FLAC, all fully tagged (by Picard and LastFM plugin)
Using Foobar 1.3.14 and Facets 1.0.

I have a problem, some of my albums are missing from the Facets library view.
For example, I have the following folders (each folder for one album):
E:\Music\Hip Hop\Immortal Technique\Immortal Technique - (2001) Revolutionary Vol. 1 [FLAC]
E:\Music\Hip Hop\Immortal Technique\Immortal Technique - (2003) Revolutionary Vol. 2 [MP3]
E:\Music\Hip Hop\Immortal Technique\Immortal Technique - (2008) The 3rd World [MP3]
E:\Music\Hip Hop\Immortal Technique\Immortal Technique - (2011) Middle Passage [MP3]
E:\Music\Hip Hop\Immortal Technique\Immortal Technique - (2011) The Martyr [MP3]

In Facets I see only one album - Immortal Technique - (2001) Revolutionary Vol. 1 [FLAC]
It show only FLAC albums and not the MP3, even if an artist has a folder with only MP3 albums.

Foobar Album list viewer sees all albums.
I tried deleting all the filters in the preferences, but they reappear after I close foobar and run it again. I tried choosing the lossy filter and it didn't work (it showed only 8 albums, I have more than 1000 in MP3), I tried toggling the enable option in the "filter" drop down, still no help there.
What am I missing?
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