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Re: Updated AAC Encoder from China

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Without your compiles, this topic would clearly not be complete. Thanks!
Your wish is my command!! ;) Here they are;

Opinions on quality, etc, welcome. :)

Re: Updated AAC Encoder from China

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Thanks John for the compiles.

One type of rhythm this encoder doesn't like attached below. With -t 1 (short block only), it's Ok but bitrate goes all to 256kbit-ish, regardless you specify VBR or a bitrate.


Re: Updated AAC Encoder from China

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Thanks, John! Quick test with the Win32 binary at roughly 96 kbps stereo, 48-kHz Wave as input: CBR ("-b 91") sounds better than VBR ("-q 0.3"), both are automatically band-limited to less than 14 kHz, overall audio quality is, unfortunately, consistently bad in comparison to other (xHE-)AAC encoders - spectral holes, stereo image collapse, low-frequency rumbling. Probably even worse than MP3. Encoding was stable, though, it seems. ADTS format, not seekable, no MP4 containering.

Might be better at higher bit-rates, but then again, we have FDK-AAC and others at those rates. The psychoacoustic model should probably be re-evaluated.

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Re: Updated AAC Encoder from China

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I encoded with this program doing:
falabaac -i C:\Users\Use\Music\wav\10.wav -q 1.0"%i.m4a"
it works, it creates an aac file and then I remux with pazera audio extractor.
Then both files are corrupt and there is an hissing sound at the end at 0 db; like the electricity goes off.
Maybe because I'm a windows 7 user. What is the error?


Re: Updated AAC Encoder from China

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Darnit, it seems this is not the FAAC replacement I was looking for (so far).

Still, I admire the effort :)

BTW, when I mux the AAC output with FFMPEG to a M4A container I get a nice file reduction (around 0.1%) :)

Edit: I meant 1% (like I save 300kb from a 3.6MB file.)

Edit2: Forget about the speed settings for now (i.e. the -l 6 lowpass is 10khz), the default -l 1 setting is pretty good.
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