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IMDCT Implementation.

Hi All,

I am looking at different IMDCT implementations for MP3 decoder on ARM11. I found Britanak and Szu-Wei Lee's Algorithm for Implementing IMDCT. Which do you think should i opt for and why???.
Also I found that the Britanak & Rao's Algorithm does more computations than the Lee's Algorithm.

I found that Britanak's Algorithm could be made more optimal similar to Lee's Algorithm..... This i found with Vladimir Nikolajevic Paper...."Improved Implementation of MDCT in MP3 Audio coding."....... Also wanted to know if any one has ever tried implementing on his observations...If yes can you let me know where i could get the code for Vladimir Nikolajevic's the one we have for Britanak and SZu-Wei Lee....

Thanks in Advance.



IMDCT Implementation.

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I would also love to hear any thoughts on this.  Right now I'm just using code from ffmpeg for doing the iMDCT using a packaged iFFT, but if theres an efficient package for ARM, it'd save me some trouble.