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General Audio / Re: Advice on transformer hum
Last post by pelmazo -
People often use separate heater transformers, so that they can switch on tube heating before they energize the rest of the circuitry. In the old days, when the rectifiers were also tubes, that happened automatically, because the rectifier tubes had to heat up before they passed current. But these days there will be silicon rectifiers, which need no heating to pass current.

So maybe there's another transformer hidden somewhere, for the tube filaments.
General Audio / Re: Advice on transformer hum
Last post by extracampine -
Interesting further thoughts. It does indeed have a choke power supply. But it seems that the hum is coming from that area rather than the larger round toroidal transformer. Alternatively, I suppose that it could be coming from something under the PCB (which is mounted upside-down), but then I would have to remove this also which might be difficult. If you hear hooves think horses, and so I had assumed that it was the EI transformer that was the culprit.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Group By - Albums of same name
Last post by davideleo -
You should check the ESplaylist plug in: it allows you to set two different titleformatting patterns for grouping and for title display.
Is it too low? How much volts should it be?

How much signal should a general-purpose preamp put out?

The MPC PC standard is about 1 volt.

Pro standards would seem to demand at least +4 dBv or about 1.4 volts.

I'd think that a preamp would never deliver less than what most power amps need for full output, and that is typically 1.5-2 volts.

Digital players for home use typically put out 2-2.5 volts or more.

Some SS preamps put out 5-10 volts.

Some tubed preamps put out 20 volts or more.

General Audio / Re: Advice on transformer hum
Last post by pelmazo -
The EI core may actually be a choke. There are connections on the PCB which are labelled CHOKE.

Lampizator may have constructed a choke-filtered power supply. Chokes are designed to tolerate DC, but they may hum, too, particularly when they saturate.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: OpenMPT Module Decoder
Last post by deus-ex -
Will you continue to compile and release updates of foo_openmpt via the foobar2000 components page, or will you retreat from contributing altogether and leave it with the OpenMPT developers?
Audio Hardware / Re: Crown amplifiers for home audio?
Last post by hlloyge -
Is it too low? How much volts should it be?
Off-Topic / Re: Help regarding understanding Forensic Report
Last post by doon -
Thank you very much sir will try that out.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: AdPlug
Last post by deus-ex -
Hi kode54,

can you please clarify what are the recent changes made to the AdPlug decoder plugin? I'm curious especially because of the huge size increase from v1.49 to 1.50.
I think you can do the following:
[1] Find the same recorder, maybe in Ebay/Amazon...?
[2] Record something with it, use different parameters, settings etc... try all of them
[3] Examine the recorded files to see if they have similar structure as that suspected file

You can use something like XVI32 to examine the binary content of your files.