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Monochrome IRC

Not sure where to put this thread, can you please add few options to hide Joins/Parts/Quits on Monochrome?

Also I am having trouble connecting to ZNCs with the client, not sure what the problem is, it can't resolve the IP of the ZNC at all.

Thank you.

Re: Monochrome IRC

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Old subject is old, but:

Option to hide joins/parts/etc is included.

Feedback => #monochrome on I know it's idleville but I eventually read everything.

Re: Monochrome IRC

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Thank you Peter, still testing but it works wonderfully.


Re: Monochrome IRC

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@Peter, not sure I like the new bold buttons, I think I like the new location but not the bold, I don't think it's necessary, they look "dirty" and go against the minimalist look of the client. Let me know.

Re: Monochrome IRC

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@Peter, sorry one more thing, now I can't connect to the ZNC at all, all I get is this:

17:59:20 Client initialized.
17:59:20 Connecting...
17:59:20 Unexpected Protocol Error: DNS failure - empty address list meaning when I just tried it right now, I don't use it constantly but I check periodically.

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