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Where might I find that DSD file to try my procedure on?
I happened to find it with SACD and DSD Google searches when I was looking for DSD test files to play with. Its legality might be an issue.

I used poor wording in my original post, I did see how you performed your test but I used a different method that matched OP's ABX trial.

Converting the previous Pink Floyd DSD file to 96 kHz PCM leaves majority of the noise shaping noise out. RMS power for this version of the file is -22.68 dB. High passed to 22 kHz shows -61.99 dB for the ultrasonics. 22 kHz lowpass gives the same RMS power as the full file, -22.68 dB. And for Greynol's information, ITU 1770 loudness scanner gives the same loudness value for the full 96 kHz track and the lowpassed one.
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: fb2k v 1.3.15 FLAC tagging issue
Last post by NetRanger -
I've tested with making the same change locally on 10+ files i have and it works just fine with v1.3.15 but not with not with your sample files. Don't have a clue what's going on with your files........
Yup. Dunning-Kruger + a financial self-interest in peddling woo-woo products = hilarity.

General - (fb2k) / Re: similar artist component
Last post by 2tec -
You're welcome
You can create MP1 files using the pegase encoder.  Here are some test files I created years ago for testing the rockbox MP1/MP2 decoder:

Am I right in thinking that MPEG-2.5 is MP3 only?

Edit:  misread.  I believe it is in practice.
Hmm, after looking into these things a bit more closely, I think I was in error about MPEG-2.5 and anything except MP3.

Am I right in thinking that MPEG-2.5 is MP3 only? I couldn't find any material suggesting that MPEG-2.5 covers MP2, let alone MP1.
He refuse to use the magic pears (original challenge) and insisted on using this "cable" replete with gamebox.

from that link:
"And now let's gently touch ground: A 1m pair of Zero interconnects will set you back $14,900. I am sorry.

Here's the good news: A 2m pair of Zeros also costs $14,900. So does a 3m pair. The length required to go from my preamp to my amps costs a not-so-cool $17,000"

 :o  :o  :o

That would be hilarious if it wasn't so obscene !
QDesign i-Media can encode all combinations of Layer 1 and Layer 2 streams, stereo, dual channel, etc. It plays back its own 12 kHz encode. Nothing else plays it. The help file calls the low frequencies "low bitrate operating modes". All applications play 22 kHz. Qdesign isn't a quality encoder though. I've never seen a Layer 1 file distributed anywhere.

I always found confusing that lower resolution modes have a higher version number.
General Audio / Re: PCM, DSD - Trying to get my head round some basics
Last post by judd -
FYI, my converter ReSampler is a command-line tool which can convert DSD .dsf and .dff files to various PCM formats. (Or if you prefer a graphical interface, use ferocious)

Maybe a bit off-topic but it seems that your software's UI is not DPI-aware. While hi-res audio does no harm to my ears a hi-res monitor does hurt my eyes. The recent Windows 10 Creators Update advocating improvement in UI scaling is a pure joke, I used it for no more than 3 hours and reverted to Windows 7.

Yes, thanks for this. I addressed it in my other thread (so as not to derail this one)

files from the 2L Hires Test-Bench

Back to the topic. Just in case shakeshuck wants to ABX 2L's files.
"Some 2L Hi-Res music samples are either botched or cooked",111416.0.html

Ok, Thanks. I wasn't aware of that, but I haven't checked out all of the files. The ones I looked at seemed ok.
I'm away from my audio setup atm, but will review when i get back.
General - (fb2k) / Can playcount tag be updated if streaming?
Last post by firewater -
If I run foobar as an upnp server and play a song on my android phone, I get

Code: [Select]
Could not update tags (Access denied) on:

at the moment it's supposed to update the playcount.