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AAC - General / Re: AAC for speech - as low as reasonable?
Last post by PupilsPet -
Thanks, I'll go with HE then. I'm on a Mac so I can use their command line tool, neat (unless anyone advises against / has a better suggestion). As per the "supported platforms / codecs" link above, I should offer AAC with OGG as fallback. Having read about OPUS yesterday I'm intrigued but I don't know if it does any good in the field. At least my web developer friend just talked about the other two. Nobody will install anything for their homework, that's for sure. But I believe there are ways for the browser to select which of my offered files it can play.

If one of your pupils is Richard Stallman...
Damn, I knew this wouldn't be easy ;)
AAC - General / Re: AAC for speech - as low as reasonable?
Last post by Brand -
If you're targeting computers and smartphones, HE-AAC should work fine, because I think anything made or updated in the last 10 years should play it out of the box. The possible rare exception could be some GNU/Linux distro with no non-free bits, but I would expect the user to be able to install a 3rd party player/decoder in that case. If one of your pupils is Richard Stallman, you might just have to deal with that individually. :)
If you want to cover all the "dumb" devices like car stereos and old phones... you're stuck with MP3, I'm afraid.
Opus would give you better quality than HE-AAC, but it would probably make at least some users install new software.

So I'd go with HE-AAC. I don't know for sure which HE-AAC encoder is the best, I'll let someone else chime in on that. But I think Apple's (iTunes) encoder should be a safe choice, with something like 48-64 kbps VBR.
And I don't think HE-AAC v2 has any advantage over HE-AAC v1 for mono signals, but correct me if I'm wrong. When I try to encode a mono file with v2 in foobar2000 I get the exact same result as if I select v1.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Syntax for the total duration of a playlist
Last post by marc2k3 -
Normal title formatting is evaluated on a per track basis so calculating a total for a whole playlist worth of items is not possible.

You might consider add a playlist manager panel to your layout and then enabling the duration column like this...

General - (fb2k) / Re: Context menu ordering of those populated with data from library/config
Last post by marc2k3 -
IIRC, foo_simplaylist_manager can sort playlists by name. For prioritising playlists, you might look at foo_plorg.

The JSplaylist and JS smooth playlist manager scripts included with my own JScript Panel component also allow sorting playlists by name. But these require at least fb2k v1.5.

As for playlist columns, you can can drag/drop entries in the main preferences under Display>Default UI>playlist view

foobar2000 mobile / rebuild Artist, Album Artist, Genre, and Composer Browse lists
Last post by dei -
I've been using MP3Tag to modify Album, Artist, Album Artist, Genre, and Composer tags of my albums. After uploading the modified tracks to my phone, Foobar Mobile doesn't seem to see my changes immediately, even after rescanning the media library and/or restarting Foobar or the phone. It does eventually find the changes and update its respective Browse lists, but I haven't been able to figure out what triggers the updates. Is there a way to tell it to rebuild these lists?