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Topic: Searching for a userfriendly Software for id3-Tag performer database (Read 810 times) previous topic - next topic
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Searching for a userfriendly Software for id3-Tag performer database


I am looking for a smart userfriendly software to tag my mp3-Files with the performers/Musicians and export this in the "Musician credits list".

Unfortunately most of my CDs/MP3-Files haven't the information which musician performs which track (mostly they aren't even mentioned). A few CDs are already in MusicBrainz but not very accurate and often.

I try to fill it in with "MusicBrain Picard", but this use a lot of time. In "TagScanner" I even found this entry.

Is there a software, which I can tag it in a fast way?

1. For example I create first hierarchical keywords (well known from DAM-Software like Lightroom, IMatch, MediaPro...).
[blockquote]performer|Drums|Dennis Chambers
performer|Drums|Bill Bruford
performer|Drums|Billy Cobham
performer|Drums|John Bonham
performer|guitar|Chuck Loeb[/blockquote]

2. I select one or multiple tracks and click (for example via pull down menu) the performer, which belongs to the track.
3. Save this also in mp3-files (ID3-Tag 2.4)

IMatch can do this via categories, but isn't able to write it in the mp3-files.
foobar2000 and MusicBrainz Picard can write it, but I have to write every name again and again. There is nothing like a category tree.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards


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