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The component already documents that you can't have installed decoders for the formats you want to play. Or alternatively you need to rename the files to have .spdif extension for the component to take over. If it relies on using the existing outputs make sure ReplayGain isn't altering your volume levels, no DSPs are enabled and keep foobar2000 volume is at maximum.
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: foo_converter.dll.cfg
Last post by francesco -
Yes, I got it you need it for voice, which setting do you use for voice? Again, I think 64 mono and 128 stereo are more than enough.

Attached a new file:

- Added 96 kbps CBR for MP3, Marco makes good points here: and audio here and I think 96 joint stereo is also good enough for Audiobooks and Podcasts.
yes i will use 64 mono for voice , i don't use audiobooks
thanks Eahm
Is there no way to record the audio directly from the vinyl player without involving speakers, room acoustics, outside noises and possible lossy compression in the recorder?
Btw, possibly to clarify, I assume he has something like this at his seat pointed at his speakers playing vinyl

Hence the SQ...and still audible LP surface noise  ::)

Don't underestimate the ability of portable recorders to capture reasonable stereo image and frequency response in a room without acoustic treatments. That flac file definitely hurt the reputation of Zoom and other portable recorders.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain on Opus files
Last post by Seymour -
Oh god, I just realized what's causing it: VGMStream. I'll disable the .opus extension there and push another release shortly. E: Released, hit your update button or menu item.
I was already thinking about removing all recently installed plugins. Tricky for me that I did several new installations at once with last foobar2000 update, including VGMStream plug-in.
Speaking about last one, why does the plugin care about .opus file type nevertheless this type is well supported by fb2k itself?

Now I've updated plugin, tried to restart app. Seem to be all right and stable.

The question is how can I find out which plugin responds to which file type(s)?
More, I've already met situation when my preference was difficult to establish. As far as I remember, it was fight for NES music file (NSF) between Game Emu Player and NSF input plugin. Sorry, kode54, not in favor of GEP. ;-) There was enough to simply uncheck corresponding file type in plugin options menu. But vgmstream does not have such an option.
General Audio / Re: A day of vinyl -- a reminder of inferior technology
Last post by Wombat -
I find it brave to post such a sample!
The permanent rambling and surface noise like things are really lower in this recording as other LP rips i heard but the total tonality is really aching bad and i hope it it is the recording device.
Still there are tiny clicks here and there and a steady obvious 60Hz hum.
No idea yet what to make out of it. Not very convincing.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by J.Fleming -
Here's some info that may help someone (and public notes for myself; I tend to do that)...

I use the DarkOne v4 mod. That was set up with Foobar 1.2.x - I had 1.2.4 - so I figured updating to Foobar 1.3.x would bomb it.

I had a test machine available so I just tried running the Foobar 1.3.17 installer over top of 1.2.4. The installer has an "Update" button so I clicked it and prayed.

It does in fact seem that DarkOne v4 all survives the update. Everything seems to look and work fine.

So, I was finally able to install the Jscript Panel v1.3.2.1, and Biography

For DarkOne v4, there are two unused reserved panels on the right (nice foresight by the author), so I made a "BIO2" panel on one of the reserves, added the Jscript panel, then imported the Biography script. It seems to work great so far!

To move the panel position, I right clicked the panel labels, selected "Splitter Settings...", temporarily cleared the "Forced Layout" check boxes for each of the panels, renamed the Jscript Panel to "BIO2", then right clicked and used "Move Up" and "Move Down" to adjust position. I placed BIO2 (Jscript / next to BIO1 (old Biography with CDATA hex edit mod - text works but not images). Finally I went back in to Splitter Settings and re-checked the "Forced Layout" check boxes.
Are you sure the amp you're using to play the file is properly damped?

..and preamp stability of course

Don't forget bad mono recordings needle dropped as stereo FLACs (waste of space).
General Audio / Re: A day of vinyl -- a reminder of inferior technology
Last post by ajinfla -
Are you sure the amp you're using to play the file is properly damped?

..and preamp stability of course
I cannot stand the phase errors *runs through Stereo Tool plugin for Winamp*.

The clicks are still there and there isn't much that can be done on my part to fix it.  MP3s & CDs sound better than this.