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foobar2000 mobile / Re: [Skin] NewMoon 1.0 and 1.0s
Last post by Daiki -
NewMoon 2.0 and 2.0s, which supports the new skin file format, will be available soon.
The new skin file format allows more information to be displayed with the new foobar2000 titleformatting.

The updates are as follows:
  • Next track information field - Next track title and artist name (and artwork in landscape mode) will be displayed.
  • Technical information field - Codec, bits per sample, and source quality (Lossy, Lossless, Hi-res Lossless) of current track will be displayed. In case of lossy, bit rate will also be displayed following codec name.
  • Replaygain information field - Album gain and track gain values of current track will be displayed if available.
  • One track button
  • Original icon set for browsing menu
  • Support for more aspect ratios - In addition to the already supported 16:9, 19.5:9, and 20:9, 18:9, 21:9, and 22:9 will be supported.

Support for 4:3 and 3:2 aspect ratios for the recent iPad is also planned, but has not yet been finalized as it requires a different design than for mobile.
If you have any requests for its layout or items to be displayed, please let me know.
General - (fb2k) / Re: HDCD Alterative?
Last post by SimBun -
With the x64 HDCD component the HDCD status lights up even when only the transient filters are applied (a lot of the Audio Fidelity releases), even though the 'Utilities > Scan for HDCD tracks' correctly reports the features.

I've always used ffmpeg to determine the features and where applicable created another copy for playback.
foobar2000 mobile / Re: [Skin] NewMoon 1.0 and 1.0s
Last post by Daiki -
This is a great improvement over NightOwl, but I wish everything was more centered, there is a huge gap on the bottom side. This is how it looks on my iPhone 14 Pro.

Thank you for your feedback and sorry for really late reply.
I left-aligned the track title and artist name, referring to the playback screens of the Apple Music and Spotify.
However, it depends on preference, and I understand users who prefer center-aligned layout.

Fortunately, the new skin file format, which will be adopted from v1.5, currently in beta testing, will allow users to access the sub-skin definition files by unzipping the skin file.
This will make it easier for users to adjust the layout to their preferences.
For example, if you want the track title and artist name to be centered, change the option of the corresponding [label] element from "left" to "centered".

The new NewMoon 2.0 skin, currently being tweaked, will display replaygain information of the current track in the bottom section.
This will probably reduce the unnaturalness.

This is a really nice theme. Modern, yet it actually looks appealing. Great work!

Thank you for your feedback. I am grad you liked it.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by Majestyk -
1) In the top/left corner I see "Stereo". If I delete it, it still shows a 'cursor'. Can that be removed?
Already fixed in the next release.
2) In a future update is it possible to add a fill option for artwork? A lot of my artwork is small so the images have a window-boxed border. The fill option (like in ESLyrics for example) will take care of that.
Already implemented but not yet exposed to the GUI.

Cool! Thanks for the quick reply.
Listening Tests / Re: Great killer sample, easy to ABX on most codecs
Last post by shadowking -
OK, I had another listen last night this time with MS1 headphones and yes its more obvious there.
For Wavpack lossy what its need for good quality at normal listening level is mostly expected (for critical samples) except noise shaping.

Bitrate needs to be in the 400k zone .  -b384hx4s.5 and -b400x5s.5 are good , perhaps there is a small difference in background hiss (without -h) but i think the main issue is greatly reduced. This corresponds to -b4.35 to 4.55 in alternative notation. Also brute force does work to an extent like -hhx5 you can use slightly lower bitrate. Practically speaking, normal mode with -x5 to 6 and -h with -x4 are needed.  They aren't too slow except maybe -x6 on encoding.
General - (fb2k) / Re: HDCD Alterative?
Last post by Case -
Are you people certain you need to bother with HDCD? In my opinion that tech has always been dead. For example that Van Halen album shown in Defender's screenshot doesn't seem to use any HDCD features:,61731.msg551062.html#msg551062. If that's the case, it will just be quieter when decoded with HDCD component, or with the volume boost enabled it will be identical to non-decoded one.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by marc2k3 -
3.4.7 no component changes. Changes to samples only - I've taken FontAwesome out back and shot it.

Segoe Fluent Icons is now used across all samples. Windows 11 users do nothing -you already have it. Everyone else can grab it here...

It's something I have to install myself. I despise 11 and won't be going near it any time soon.  :P

Existing users of included button samples need to re-import. Even if you used the previously optional support for Fluent Icons, scripts in panels still need updating.
Opus / Harmonic coding issues of Opus(from THD-N test)
Last post by deming -
Hello everyone.
These days I'm evaluating objective tests as to the two codecs, one is LC3 plus, another is Opus. I found out that THD-N test of Opus failed since the harmonic distortion is around 2%, which is much higher than LC3 plus. Test signal is simply the harmonic signal (1khz, attached) and also the script using opus_demo pasted as following. I also attached the snaps of the output signal. There are clear fluctuations of the amplitude.   
opus_demo -e audio 48000 1 128000 -cbr -bandwidth FB -framesize 2.5 -max_payload 40 1kHz.pcm out.ops
opus_demo -d 48000 1 out.ops out1Khz.pcm

Anybody  noticed this issue?