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WavPack / Re: bits/sample, kbits/second?
Last post by EekWit -
Thanks for the answers, guys. Do you personally prefer one mode over the other?
Specifying bits per sample allows bit rate to scale linearly with the sample rate. I'm not sure if this results in a constant quality in practice, but to me it makes more sense in a distribution format than setting a constant bit rate.
if you backup your full configuration there should be no specific problem with foo_plorg
Opus / Re: Point of transparency of Opus 1.2
Last post by doom-drone -
I don't use lossy since my DAP has 400GB of space. But from testing opus when i had a phone with 128gb memory, it was 160kbps with one album needing 448kbps.
WavPack / Re: bits/sample, kbits/second?
Last post by Valsu -
Thanks for the answers, guys. Do you personally prefer one mode over the other?
"Archive tester" is a UI project I started last year to help myself with the testing of numerous archive files across multiple disks/paths. I think that it may be useful to other people so I recently made it a little cleaner and made it available.

Originally, it tested *.rar, *.7z and *.zip files. Recently I include support for more types supported by 7z.exe, and the support for *.flac files. *

It is still a very fresh project and (constructive) feedback is welcome.

You may find it at:

* You need to give it the path to flac.exe and 7z.exe in the Settings tab. Requires .NET 4.0+. Tested with 7z.exe 16.04 [64], flac.exe 1.3.2 win32/win64. UnRAR.exe is included in the application files.
In fact, I have another request, right click on an audio file inside foobar2000 > Convert > Long list of unscrollable settings other than with a left click in the bottom arrow. Peter, is there a way you can enable the mouse scroll button there?

Using this to test:,104627.msg945379.html#new

Automatic scanning would no doubt be possible to implement but it could easily cause issues. You can't for example album scan if you only add individual files.
Storing ReplayGain value 0.00 dB would mean the file's loudness already matches the ReplayGain target level. A file that is nothing but silence is quite different. Original ReplayGain specs suggested storing such error case as "not set". Leaving the adjustment value empty but storing peak tags signals exactly that.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by marc2003 -
You've already posted in a previous discussion about how it isn't possible...  ;D,110516.msg919089.html#msg919089

I guess you could code in ES6 and transpile it with something like babel? Just don't ask me how. I'm aware of it but I've never used it.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by Jailhouse -
Now that you're using Windows 10, might you consider looking into updating to ECMAScript 6?
General - (fb2k) / Re: Small annoyance in the default converter settings
Last post by eahm -
Yeah sorry for that, I am always super busy so sometimes I have more time to play around stuff and discover simple things that didn't notice earlier and get me excited, that's another reason I come every now and then and I post 10 different things I try to change then I disappear again for few months.