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Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by KozmoNaut -
No other format ever reached the massive dominance of the CD, though.
Windows version of foobar2000 can playback Sid (C64) music files with the help of "SID decoder" component.

But Could u please add support for Sid (C64) music files in Android version of foobar2000 too?
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: WMA Pro vbr quality test
Last post by bennetng -

Code: [Select]
foo_abx 2.0.2 report
foobar2000 v1.3.16
2017-07-24 21:49:25

File A: 01.wav
SHA1: 52a0a1faaddcce5c6ed133685ffc6a6ec7cbc586
File B: 02.wav
SHA1: cc17e3313c0fbd2779d7f8d715353fdf4678a38b

WASAPI (push) : Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi), 24-bit
Crossfading: NO

21:49:25 : Test started.
21:54:43 : 00/01
21:55:40 : 00/02
21:56:09 : 01/03
21:57:01 : 02/04
21:57:32 : 02/05
21:58:27 : 03/06
21:59:05 : 03/07
21:59:27 : 04/08
22:01:51 : 05/09
22:02:09 : 05/10
22:02:09 : Test finished.

Total: 5/10
Probability that you were guessing: 62.3%

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Thanx bennetng for your reply. So you easily could abx them. With the same settings (vbr +-192kbps), other encoders will produce 150-160 kbps average, so I dont know why wma 10 pro falls down with this track. Anyway is the same pattern in the whole album, 130-140 kbps.

I attached another file containing two files, but with different settings.!RoVhwBKA!LS7oH1wsS-Pt12s3PP8xWFkAYt0WKZb0J4UbtXwtZg0

Thanx again
Actually nevermind, I found another way to do what I wanted.
Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by bennetng -
Some people have obsoleted physical digital media fetish like DAT and (Hi)MD as well.
Thank you, that's very helpful. 

And forgive me for being obtuse, but are higher numbers better here?
You're welcome.
Yes, "1" means very annoying, "5" - impercetbile.  Like here,100896.0.html

Also I highly suggest to perform your own tests because results vary a lot for different listeners, hardware and  preferments.
I.e. I have performed the same test but on speakers (previous tests were made on headphones) on Opus vs HE-AACv2 at 32 kbps and both were on par.  Seems like artifacts of parametric stereo are more forgiving on speakers.

All in all,  HE-AACv2  and Opus are in the same league at 32 kbps VBR. More tests are needed.
While Opus has an advantage at 48 kbps and higher. 
Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by KozmoNaut -
CDs are going to continue for a while, if nothing else then as physical merch for sale at concerts. The simple reason is that it's much better for the bands to sell a CD rather than a download code for Bandcamp or something, because people want to take a physical object home with them, and they probably have more than enough t-shirts already.

Imagine the guy at the merch stand going "yeah, we don't have any CDs, LPs or tapes for sale, but you can listen to the album on Spotify". It's not really gonna fly, is it?
Without a music-free noise fingerprint to use for decrackling
Here you are. Maybe it was the studio's fault to not equipped with a semiconductor fab like cleanroom to use the ELP. We did clean the vinyls but they were not immediately dry after vacuuming, we usually put them aside for several hours so they become dry enough to put into the ELP or the Stantons (didn't heard about the wet playing trick :P ). We also digitized vintage tapes so stuff like tape particles and mold could contaminate the cleaned vinyls again.
Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by Chibisteven -
Or maybe someone younger (older?) would see a CD as that great thing you could actually own before MP3s and Spotify?

Well hello there.  Younger by what?  Might fit the definition.