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My turntable - what do you guys think?

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It seems to have a DIN-connector for tape drives (the o_o one), which then has in- and output
on one connection (5 pin connector -> 2 in, 2 out, 1 ground). Electrically worse then RCA-jacks
(higher impedance if I recall correctly), but should work if connected to a standard line-in on
your receiver.
Here is description from the german wiki:
The "stereo stecker" is the one you'll need to adapt to...

My turntable - what do you guys think?

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Ok, thanks for all the information guys.

My friend has the cable ready...I'll do experiment this week...and I will be very carefull...


My turntable - what do you guys think?

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Ok it doesn't work.

I have the cables and connected them to my amp and all I heard was a loud noise.

I guess I won't enjoy the sound of vinyl anytime soon.

Thanks for all you help guys.

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