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General - (fb2k) / Missing ReplayGain Scan function
Last post by osv -
i don't have any menu links to the original ReplayGain Scan function, and i don't see it in the component menu... it should be under Preferences -> Tools?
it's an old foobar install, updated to v1.6.6, can this functionality be downloaded somewhere?
i do have ReplayGain in the Playback menu.

Off-Topic / Re: Some computer problems...
Last post by EagleScout1998 -
Thanks for the suggestions. I have purchased a newer CPU, but I haven't installed it yet. I think it might be a step above my current chip. It's a 3700X, but all the other specs are the same (8 cores, 3.6GHz).

I'm still waiting for delivery of the new GPU.

I have noticed that these crashes occur when I am using the Chrome browser. I don't notice these crashes occurring when I use Firefox. Also, I can leave the PC running overnight converting FLAC to MP3 without having any issues.
CUETools / Re: TAGS not readable on HD
Last post by Adil -
Everything I use is on default settings.
Encoder: FLAC (cuetools)
Mode: Tracks
Advanced Settings: default (everything)
Windows 10 v20H2 (x64)
CUETools / Re: TAGS not readable on HD
Last post by Adil -
Windows' File Explorer doesn't show 'Artist', 'Album', 'Genre', etc...

But if I use foobar2000 to convert a image CD, File Explorer shows all tag information.
CUETools / Re: TAGS not readable on HD
Last post by itisljar -
What do you mean, tags on hard disk? You mean file names?
You have to configure how you want file names to be created, from which tags, in which order.
CUEtools use foobar tag references.
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