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Please be aware that much of the software linked to or mentioned on this forum is niche and therefore infrequently downloaded. Lots of anti-virus scanners and so-called malware detectors like to flag infrequently downloaded software as bad until it is either downloaded enough times, or its developer actually bothers with getting each individual release allow listed by every single AV vendor. You can do many people a great favor when encountering such a "problem" example by submitting them to your AV vendor for examination. For almost everything on this forum, it is a false positive.
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General - (fb2k) / Re: Running Foobar in Linux
Last post by Mikko_H -
Do you mean that this fresh foobar install fails to launch?
Code: [Select]
$ WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.foobar2000 wine "/path/to/foobar2000_v1.6.4.exe"
$ WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.foobar2000 wine "$HOME/.foobar2000/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/foobar2000/foobar2000.exe"
I verified myself it works.

As for your custom foobar config, one of the 3rd party components might require vcrun2015 so you can try to (re)install it with winetricks.
Code: [Select]
wine: Call from 7B0100F6 to unimplemented function api-ms-win-core-winrt-error-l1-1-0.dll.RoOriginateError, aborting
That's the reason anyway your foobar is crashing on launch. I don't know what changed with wine 6.6 to cause it, try asking on winehq forums.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Pixels of CD photos in playlist columns
Last post by Adil -
I am sorry to disturb you, but I just asked the question above because, from what I noticed, it is only possible to scan selected tracks in the playlist, and not the complete library, as with the previous version of the component, which I use again.

Anyway, I like a lot your component. Thanks again.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Running Foobar in Linux
Last post by Air KEN -
Can not... orz

$ WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.foobar2000 wine "$HOME/.foobar2000/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/foobar2000/foobar2000.exe"
env WINEPREFIX="/home/kenbackbox2/.wine" wine C:\\windows\\command\\start.exe /Unix /home/kenbackbox2/.wine/dosdevices/c:/users/Public/Desktop/foobar2000.lnk

Windows soft: Only foobar2000.
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: exhale - Open Source xHE-AAC encoder
Last post by celona -
Please explain. Or email me. 😀
I'm asking myself the problem of not being in the proper thread, because we're talking about another encoder here. Tonight I tried all the possible combinations, but let's start with the simplest thing, the VBR mode.

The encoder performs very well. I used the usual 5s from male voice of Paolo Balestri where the defects is more evident until now and the only verification I can ask you is to check that the VBR "32kb/s" label shown in the graphic interface of EZ CD Audio converter is correct.

I leave you the files used for the tests so that you can reproduce what I write - it is the scientific method :)

In input we have a mono file sampled at 48kHz: paolo.balestri-23lufs-m-48k.wav (-23 LUFS like EBU R128 - to check because I was tired).

After compression in I get the following results:
paolo.balestri-23lufs-m-48k-vbr-12kbps.m4a @ 12kbps VBR setting – USAC with SBR, 12.9KB, 18kbps, 32kHz;
paolo.balestri-23lufs-m-48k-vbr-32kbps.m4a @ 32kbps VBR setting – USAC with SBR, 13.3KB, 18kbps, 38.4kHz;
paolo.balestri-23lufs-m-48k-vbr-40kbps.m4a @ 40kbps VBR setting – USAC without SBR, 31KB, 46kbps, 48kHz;
paolo.balestri-23lufs-m-48k-vbr-56kbps.m4a @ 56kbps VBR setting – USAC without SBR, 28.9KB, 43kbps, 48kHz;
paolo.balestri-23lufs-m-48k-vbr-72kbps.m4a @ 72kbps VBR setting – USAC without SBR, 35.2KB, 53kbps, 48kHz;
paolo.balestri-23lufs-m-48k-vbr-104kbps.m4a @ 104kbps VBR setting – USAC without SBR, 53.5KB, 83kbps, 48kHz;
paolo.balestri-23lufs-m-48k-vbr-136kbps.m4a @ 136kbps VBR setting – USAC without SBR, 71.9KB, 113kbps, 48kHz.

As you can see, the first two results have very similar bitrates and this offers no advantage. Furthermore, the 54kbps setting produces smaller files than the 40kbps setting and this can confuse the user who will not be able to predict how much he will get from the software.

A hypothetical problem to be verified: what would the user get who has the computer connected via USB to an external DAC that does not support 38.4kHz chosen as resampling? We should try what we get not only with Windows but also with other OS (and with many USB gadgets) and testing with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers connected too (but in the latter case I don't foresee any problems). Assuming to resample at 44.1kHz as suggested by C.R. Helmrich would brush aside these doubts and diversify the bitrate obtained with different options.

On the constant bitrate tests I found more problems but I will write about it in the future. For now I will limit myself to offering you just an example to show you how the first two options produce a result similar to 24kbps CBR, which however you have chosen to keep at the sampling rate provided in input and the result is good.

paolo.balestri-23lufs-m-48k-cbr-24kbps.m4a @ 24kbps CBR setting – USAC without SBR, 17KB, 24kbps, 48kHz.

I have informed the author of the misuse I am making of its contents; I tried to compress one of his podcast with 12 min music and voice. in just 2 MB. In the future I will also try in stereo. The already compressed original was downloaded from here:

podio_dei_campioni-vbr-12kbps.m4a @ 12kbps VBR setting – 2MB;
podio_dei_campioni-cbr-24kbps.m4a @ 24kbps CBR setting – 2MB;
podio_dei_campioni-vbr-32kbps.m4a @ 32kbps VBR setting – 2MB;
podio_dei_campioni-vbr-40kbps.m4a @ 40kbps VBR setting – 5MB;
podio_dei_campioni-vbr-56kbps.m4a @ 56kbps VBR setting – 5MB.

Again the first 3 options and the last 2 produce almost identical results.
Validated News / Re: TAK 2.3.1
Last post by Porcus -
Tested. Felt a bit bored during the week-end, played around with -p2 and -p0, and then put some FOR loops at nighttime work for -p4m. I know that gives "unfair" speeds when compared to FLAC that I usually use.

I deliberately chose something high-bitrate:
* All my eight 96/24 albums. Seven hours. NIN: The Slip; The Tea Party: Tx 20; Cult of Luna: The Raging River and A Dawn to Fear; Kayo Dot: Hubardo; Clouds Taste Satanic: The Satanic Singles Series; Cascades s/t; and finally the
* One 96/16 single (6 minutes) snuck in and was treated as if it were a 96/24. My only 88.2/24 "album" to see how it fares with three minutes of grindcore.
* And for the hell of it: a Merzbow CD which has been the worst I could expose TAK to. Yes CDDA this one, 50 minutes.

In addition to putting a hi-rez I am using a fanless computer with a fairly slow CPU, that explains the speeds.

-p0 test encodes, the 96kHz part
Compression:     60.75 %     both 2.3.0 and 2.3.1
Duration:       172.20 sec     for 2.3.0, improves to      163.75      for 2.3.1
Speed:          148.91 * real time     for 2.3.0, improves to      156.60

-p4m encode to spinning SATA drive with verify, the 96kHz part
Compression:     58.38 %     for 2.3.0, improves to      58.37      for 2.3.1, that is 1/100 of a percentage point
Duration:      1025.68 sec    for 2.3.0, improves to      846.12 sec      for 2.3.1
Speed:           25.00 * real time, improves to 30.31.
For comparison, a 2.3.0 test encode took 927.76 sec, 27.64 * real time.

Decoding -p4m using -t (all files combined). Both the HDD and the SSD are SATA-ed to the motherboard. Speeds sorted from slowest to fastest:
211.55: encoded with .1 decoded with .0 on HDD
212.40: encoded with .0 decoded with .0 on HDD
219.58: encoded with .1 decoded with .0 on SSD
220.14: encoded with .0 decoded with .0 on SSD
222.42: encoded with .0 decoded with .1 on HDD
224.67: encoded with .1 decoded with .1 on HDD
225.761 encoded with .1 decoded with foo_input_tak using fb2k's "Decoding speed test" utility (not Takc.exe, but put here in the order)
230.19: encoded with .0 decoded with .1 on SSD
231.17: encoded with .1 decoded with .1 on SSD

It is unfair to compare the high-compression level TAK to FLAC, but for reference the corresponding FLAC -8 files decode at 395 using the fb2k speed test.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Running Foobar in Linux
Last post by Air KEN -
Do you use the same wineprefix for all windows applications?

api-ms-win-core-winrt-error-l1-1-0.dll.RoOriginateError probably referes to vcrun2015 which is not needed for foobar2000.

Try create a fresh wineprefix and install only foobar2000 into it
Code: [Select]
$ WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.foobar2000 wine "/path/to/foobar2000_v1.6.4.exe"
$ WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.foobar2000 wine "$HOME/.foobar2000/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/foobar2000/foobar2000.exe"
Thanks Mikko_H.

>Do you use the same wineprefix for all windows applications?
Yes I do.

But, I'm using two foobar2000. Both cannot.
/home/kenfreespire/Documents/foobar2000/foobar2000 DUIA/foobar2000/foobar2000.exe
/home/kenfreespire/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/foobar2000/foobar2000.exe

I will create a new Wine environment.

Many Thanx!
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