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EAC Producing broken flac files

I've been using EAC V0.99 to rip my CD collection to flac using the encoder bundled with EAC.

Everything seemed fine initially as Creative Media Player 5.0 will read and play the files.  However, I decided to try foobar2000 and this rejected all the files with the error "Unsupported format or corrupted file".

The guys supporting foobar2000 took a look at the files for me and advised the files were broken:
1/ superfluous framing bit (byte) in the Vorbis comment block
2/ incorrect size of the padding block

I ripped these file with the options:
-8 -T "Artist=%a" -T "Title=%t" -T "Album=%g" -T "Date=%y" -T "TrackNumber=%n" -T "Genre=%m" %s

Can anyone shed any light on why I ended up with such a mess?

EAC Producing broken flac files

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Was EAC also adding its own tags to the file?


EAC Producing broken flac files

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I ripped these file with the options:
-8 -T "Artist=%a" -T "Title=%t" -T "Album=%g" -T "Date=%y" -T "TrackNumber=%n" -T "Genre=%m" %s

You do realize that it is actually flac that is producing the files, not EAC, right?

Please review these wiki pages to make sure you haven't misconfigured something:

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