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FLAC / Re: FLAC decoder testbench
Last post by kode54 -
Updated the Cog entry. All files play correctly in the latest version, though one of the new test files would throw old versions for a loop because it won't support FLAC files whose bit depth isn't a multiple of 8. And that's just a shortcoming of the frontend code of the FLAC input plugin, not because it used an incompatible version of libFLAC.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by marc2k3 -
A picture with zero size will invalidate all drawings.

Not sure what you mean?? If the image is not valid, utils.LoadImage should return null which should cause a script error.

If you unsure about an image existing or being valid then you should check it something like this...

Code: [Select]
var image = utils.LoadImage("o:\\1.jpg");

function on_paint(gr) {
    if (image) {
foobar2000 mobile / Playback Error
Last post by MistaMoh -
Hi everyone,

For some months now, I've been transferring my music & M3U8 playlists from my PC to a few android phones.
Of course, before doing so, I'd run a script that changes the playlist absolute paths to relative paths.

For a reason I can't understand, this trick is not working anymore, I keep getting playback errors saying my files are not descendants of my playlist folder, which has never been the case.

I can't figure out the cause and resolution.
I thought it could be a weird android or Samsung update.
I could imagine putting my SD card absolute path could work, but since I'm transferring to multiple devices, that would be a mess (doable through scripting, but dirty).

Thanks !
FLAC / Re: FLAC decoder testbench
Last post by ktf -
I've recently uploaded a new version of the testbench, revision 6. It can be found on FLAC decoder testbench page on the wiki.

4 files have been added, all mono. The first is simply mono (that wasn't already in the testbench), the three other test predictor overflow handling. The last file could not be decoded by ffmpeg until recently, so it is likely ffmpeg-based players not using the very latest git will fail this test until updated.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Tools-SMP
Last post by regor -
I found a lot of readme on how to make playlist but do not see anything about creating a playlist of a fingerprint, with the button "Playlist Tools" I see a lot of different options but nothing about the fingerprint, and right clicking to make a new button i also only see options like moods/search by distance, etc.
So I pressume I have to enter a kind of dynamic query to make this work, For ex. want to test out if I can select a song and find other songs relating or getting close to the same fingerprints.

Thanks for the extra info in the last post!
That's because I have not shared it. There is no documentation about it for a reason ;)

Already created the code and framework to search by ChromaPrint (and FooID) fingerprinting -and works fine!- BUT foobar2000 is currently limited by RAM to do it. In my system I have 70K tracks and when foobar tries to cache the raw fingerprints it uses +1.5 GB of RAM. On the search process sometimes it reaches +3GB of RAM and crashes. There is no workaround for that since the tags are always cached, so any ram the process takes is on top of +1.5 GB of fingerprint data cached.

Therefore I stopped development on that side until foobar2000 becames a 64 bit software (its 2022  ::)) or SMP includes a method to read tags directly from files (like this one at JSP).

I could share the FooID button though, since that works fine (the fingerprints are much smaller). Will have it in mind on the next release. FooID method is much slower though and less reliable, that's why I put all my energy on the ChromaPrint framework, I managed to find "duplicates" in 70K tracks in less than 10 seconds (while it takes minutes in FooID).

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Note in any case that tool is only meant to look for duplicates or live versions (not for track similarity in musical terms), if you want that to create playlist by similarity -like spotify- use "search by distance".