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[Foobar2000 Mobile Theme] Metro UI 2.0 (Dark and Light)

Hello all.

Well, because the mobile foobar2000 forums went... fubar, there was a theme that I found there that I can't just not use anymore.

The "Metro UI" skin. I do not remember who made the skin however. But credit to them!! It is not mine.


Light theme is like this, but white

Folder on MEGA:
Includes: Dark, Light and RAW files.
If link dies somehow, they are attached to this post also.

I would like to thank again to the original author! If you are still around, I can add your name to this post.
I uploaded this for preservation purpose and a way for people to retrieve this great theme I enjoy using as much as they do!


Re: [Foobar2000 Mobile Theme] Metro UI 2.0 (Dark and Light)

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Thank you.

How do I load this skin in Foobar2k Mobile (Android/Activo CT10)?

In the "Choose skin" dialog when I tap on "Open..."  a dialog open with nothing in it and doesn't let me browse. Where should I place the skin files?


Re: [Foobar2000 Mobile Theme] Metro UI 2.0 (Dark and Light)

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You need to place the downloaded file in your internal memory. Then go to Tools > Choose Skin > Open... then navigate where you put the .fbskin file and open that. If you download the file with your mobile browser, you might check their download folder on your internal storage. On my side, on Android 11, it opens the "Files" app and I'm allowed to navigate anywhere.

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