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Where are playlist stored if not saved as .fpl

If I create playlists in Foobar2000, they're present when I restart Foobar, even though I haven't saved them as .fpl files onto my PC yet.

I'm interested to know where these playlists have been stored, as I can't seem to find them.  I have my foobar installation on my D drive and have reinstalled Windows on the C drive.  For most programs their data is on the D drive and I can continue using them fine.  Foobar still works from my D drive, but the playlists are gone.  Just wondering if they are stored on the C drive somewhere (registry, MyDocuments etc) or if they are somewhere I can recover them?

Not a big problem, I'd have saved them as .fpl if they were more important, but would be interested for future reinstalls etc.

Where are playlist stored if not saved as .fpl

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You should be able to find the playlists by going here in the main menu:

File > Folders > Browse Profile Folder

For a standard (not portable) install, this should take you to your Application Data
  • [/url] folder where user-specific files are stored.

Where are playlist stored if not saved as .fpl

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generally... for a standard installation check: "%appdata%\foobar2000\playlists"
but since you said you said you reinstalled windows, and assuming you formatted your PC before reinstalling windows, i'd say your playlists are gone for good.

just do a PC-wide search for *.fpl files.
by default, foobar playlists are autosaved with counter-type names like 00000001.fpl etc. and are generally in the folder specified at the start of this post.

Where are playlist stored if not saved as .fpl

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this "%appdata%\foobar2000\playlists" directory ist probably still somewhere on d:
and even if you reinstalled windows on c: it doesn't delete your old user directory but saves it in windows.old.
you could also just do a systemwide search for *.fpl files. you' ll find them I'm sure.

Where are playlist stored if not saved as .fpl

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Thanks all.  I hadn't realised they were autosaved with a counter-like name.  Found my current ones now for the first time.  I'm pretty sure I've lost the old ones, but I'll be able to take a backup of this in future.

Re: Where are playlist stored if not saved as .fpl

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looking for same in Foobar under wine on Linux it is found here:

Code: [Select]
~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/users/YOUR_USERNAME/"Application Data"/foobar2000/playlists-v1.4

NB: obviously change username // as regards the v1.4 I am on v1.6.7 so it seems it keeps the original name of version you started on ...   no bother it is there  

(had to look as many issues around when starting up foobar an old playlist would find its way back and not the last used one)
yea yer roight !

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