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Windows foobar2000 on Apple Silicon in Parallels

I have for years run foobar2000 in a Windows Parallels VM on my MacBook Pros.
It's been fine, of course, because MacBook Pros have been Intel machines - up until now.
I'm desperately up for a new machine, and wondering whether to go down the Apple M1X route (or whatever the chip will be called), but TBH foobar2000 compatibility is one of my highest requirements.

So I'm wondering whether the new Macs would be an option for me?
From what I can see, you need to install Windows 10 on ARM Insider Preview and then Intel apps using a Microsoft emulator.

I don't have enough knowledge to tell whether it would work.
In particular, I have no idea how it would go with components - e.g. I suspect that the old waveform seekbar would not work as it requires some arcane DirectX version to be installed; maybe the (sadly mono-only) waveform minibar would.

Can anyone help shed light on this?


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