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Foobar portable, playlists and relative/absolute paths.

Hi there,
I'm having major issues copying my portable install on my main machine to a USB and getting it to work on a laptop.
Portable install on main machine is:
Music is in various folders in:

Relative paths for the music folders in Foobar all read
and so on

When I run Foobar portable form the USB the Media Library sees the relative paths, but the playlists track's properties show the absolute paths from the main machine, and thus can't be found.
There might well be a glaringly obvious issue here, but I can't see. Can anyone please help? 

Re: Foobar portable, playlists and relative/absolute paths.

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Hi there,

If files play correctly when adding from library to a new playlist, you might just need to refresh old playlists. Try Playlist Revive component.

There is also Playlist Tools SMP which can do that and a lot more.

(It might be recommended to not have foobar install inside the monitored library folder, I'm not sure. It also helps to have the same drive letter / paths to the music for each device, so playlists would not need reviving)



Re: Foobar portable, playlists and relative/absolute paths.

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You can save, delete, and import playlists back into fb2k on the other machine. If you hold down the shift key and click in the File menu you'll see a "save all playlists" menu item.

I've been messing around with saving playlists lately (as m3u files), mainly to use them on a tablet with the Android foobar2000. I'm not sure I've mastered that one yet, but when you save a playlist on a PC at least, fb2k only seems to save as much of the path as necessary.

As an example, if you have an MP3 buried a few subfolders down, such as
and you save the playlist somewhere outside that folder structure, fb2k saves the full file path.
If you save a playlist to FolderA, it'll be saved in the playlist file as
or if you save it to FolderB

The playlists need to be located in the same place in the folder structure on the second PC when you import them, or fb2k starts looking from the top. Can't find "F:\FolderB\FolderC\Song.mp3" etc.

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